Tesla invader 2/3 VV box mod (semi-mechanical)

At the beginning we announce a concept. We used to call box the VV (voltage adjustment) box half machinery box. However this is not accurate. After all, the original half mechanical box just added protection chip on the mechanical structure, and can’t adjust the function of the output voltage. Then appeared in the later using potentiometer device the box mod can adjust the total voltage output effect. But people still call wwit a half mechanical box mod. In fact it can adjust the voltage, so called half machinery is not correct. The correct term should be VV box.

Well, we start the introduction to the box mod. The latest from tesla invaders series invader 2/3, on the basis of the invaders 3 conducted a comprehensive upgrade on both performance and function, of course, the improve on the appearance level. The biggest special is, of course, the battery solution set. It can switch between two battery box mod and three battery box mod.

Packaging is still the continuation of the style of the tesla. On the positive there are brand LOGO, appearance characteristics, box mod name, and the image of the box mod side. On the right side, there is the battery replace solutions. On the left side it is printed with powerful & simplistic INVADER2/3. The product introduction and other information are on the back. The most important, of course, is that pieces of anti-counterfeiting query tags.

Content is also very simple, a box mod , abdouble battery transformation cover, specifications, a battery retractable belt, warning card , and product certification.

The appearance of the three battery mode is similar to the box mod most of them adopt triangle cell layout, accord with human body engineering design appearance. The feeling is very good.

It continues the invaders 3 in appearance design style, angular and has a rounded curve. The box mod has a representative X mark on both sides, on the below is the carbon fiber patch, and tesla’s English name.

On the positive side, it made a concave glyph structure. The ignition key is designed in the middle of the concave. This design enables people to better hold the position of the ignition key, get a more comfortable experience of buttons. Below it is the potentiometer adjustment plate and LED lights.

The box mod electronic cigarette under the double battery solution volume greatly narrowed, but comfort without any lower. Invaders 2/3 is rich in color collocation, the colour collocation is very appropriate also.

IJOY Captain PD270 Mod Review

IJoy are giving what vapers are asking for with the new iJoy Captain PD270 box mod, the dual 20700 batteries (3000mAh each), which are included in the kit, are awesome and definitely a step forward. This mod fires at over 230W and is so precise we have difficulty in matching it to another mod on the market! If your a serious vaper who wants an accurate, powerful mod, then you’ve found it with the Captain PD2710!

The iJoy Captain Box Mod in blackWhat do you get when you combine a sleek and luxurious-looking mod body with state-of-the-art 20700 batteries, the latest in high-tech features, and a reliable company name with a proven track record of vaping product success? The answer’s obvious: the IJOY Captain PD270 Box Mod, of course. This latest offering from one of vaping’s most trusted names aims to be the next big thing in vaping enjoyment and aims to top the list of all the best box mods out there. In this IJOY Captain PD270 Box Mod review, we’ll delve into its finer points and see whether it actually has a real chance of meeting that goal.

So, what’s so special about this mod, anyway? Well, let’s begin with the exterior. In comparing this device’s appearance to a lot of other box mods out on the market today, one thing really stands out: this thing’s exterior is just gorgeous. It has sleek, rounded edges, and elegant accents that help to ensure that you’ll forget all about its box-like shape once you get used to having it around. The display screen is large, with bright white display information to help you monitor settings and performance. Even the firing button gets in one that act, with a well-designed button that offers that high-tech look that’s so popular these days. Urvapin

Of course, aesthetics can only take you so far; it’s what’s under the hood that really matters. In this case, those internal goodies include a mod that can use dual 20700 batteries – which some believe might be the vaping battery of the future.

It’s an oversized battery that offers 3000 mAh and sustained 40 A. In other words, they’re powerhouse energy sources that should provide vapers with all the power they need to meet their vaping demands. IJoy apparently understands that some electronic cigarette users are resistant to change, however, since the company includes an adapter that can enable you to continue to use those old 18650 batteries if you so choose.

Smok TFV12 Tank, which warrior dare to try this kind of electronic cigarettes?

At present, SMOK company has launched Smok TFV12 atomizer. Because I do not know whether SMOK company pay more attention to overseas market, Chinese website has not updated the atomizer information, whereas the English website has already been posted on the detailed data. Today, let us look TFV series’s latest film!

As the latest product of TFV series, TFV12 set the advantages of the original and will eliminate a few small flaws. At present, it has only four colors. But don’t worry, according to the character of SMOK TFV12, it will also introduce the rest of the eight kinds of color soon.

TFV8’s English name is Cloud Beast, and the English name of TFV12 upgraded called Cloud Beast King; So TFV8 smoke monster, to TFV12 became the king of the smoke monster, simple and crude, it’s visible that SMOK is very confident with TFV12.

Next, let’s take a look at the size of the TFV12, height of 70 mm, 27 mm in diameter, weight 90.5 g, heavier than its TFV8. Smoke capacity reached 6 ml of oil, which consistent with the TFV8. Larger volume, smoke oil capacity is the same, this is because TFV12 air inlet is further expanded.

TFV12 also put intake system at the bottom, at the bottom of the two inlet hole can adjust stomatal in 360 ° which was 30% larger than TFV8. The volume is bigger, which lay the foundation of increasing the amount of smoke.

TFV12 in most of the configuration is same to TFV8. The top cover gas hole size slightly larger than TFV18, refueling more convenient; Heat insulation resin cigarette holder, hot humanization, which important to TFV12 equipped with finished product core.

TFV12 provide 9 finished product core for players to choose, 0.15 Ω V12 – X4 best power (four coil 100-170 w), 0.15 Ω V12 – Q4 best power (four coil 90 -160 w), 0.17 Ω V12 – T6 (six coil, the best power 110-150 w), 0.16 Ω V12 – T8 (eight coil, the best power 120-200 w), 0.12 Ω V12 – T12 best power (twelve coil 120-200 w) and two RBA.

Core space of the RBA had gotten much bigger, let players enjoy the fun of DIY. The most worthy is TFV12’s equipped finished product core. Twelve coil finished product core is violent beyond imagination. It s the most fundamental purpose that TFV12 expand air inlet. After all, it has to satisfy the cooling effect of twelve hair and smoke volume.

TFV8 SMOK, equipped with eight coil product core; The launch of TFV12 equipped with 12 coil product core. According to the trend, whether the next generation of TFV16 will send finished product core, equipped with 16 coil is unknown.

TFV12 is just as its product introduction says “We have had been imitated, but never beyond”. After all twelve coil product core is not kidding.

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Review of Tesla Nano 120w Steampunk Mod

Quick-ish review of the super swell Tesla Nano 120w Box mod. This is the latest entrant in their Steampunk-styled line of Nano mods. As a huge fan of the Tesla Nano 100w back in the day, I’ve been super eager to get my hands on this bad boy.
Admittedly, the steampunk Tesla Nano 120w Box mod design is subjective here. There’s no “normal” version. This is an entirely zinc alloy, dual 18650 mod, available in metallic colors. I got “black” which is more of a “bright/faded gunmetal.” They also do silver, copper and bronze.
Gotta say, the packaging is exceptionally nice. Really beautifully embossed patterning, great construction. Like I really noticed how well done the box was. Tesla’s pretty good in this regard.First thing I noticed when I took it out of the box was:Good lord, this entire thing is one solid block of CNC’d zinc alloy.It feels premium as all get-out.
This is a weighty mod for sure, but not uncomfortably so (though I would not call it pocketable), and its weight matches its construction: the entire chassis is milled from a single piece of alloy, and is very very thick. No seams at all, and zero exposed screws. The bottom battery door is thick as well, closes nice and tight, and is zinc alloy. There is effectively zero plastic anywhere on the mod.
The steampunk design is beautifully milled and feels great, no sharp edges anywhere. The black is really slick. It’s not super dark, which I appreciate – it’s a great contrast against SS attys while still feeling it was made for them. Black attys look amazing as well. Even my Royal Gold Super Tank Mini 25mm looks totally baller.The 510 connector is nice and deep and springy. Threads are super smooth. I’ve had no problems with any attys, both long and short pins. All my attys – well, so far, the Kennedy, SZCRDA, CSMT, Icon, Medusa, Alpine – fit flush. No gap, not even a micron. e cigarette store
Aside from the sheer awesomeness of the build quality and the design, the OLED display is bright, and doesn’t bleed light. The OLED itself is right there in the open, there’s no plastic over it, which makes it tack sharp. The info on the display is damn ample. It’s got both a battery graphic and a percentage readout. Nothing is hidden, everything is on display. The info arrangement makes sense and is obvious. All good things here.
There’s an On-Off switch. Seriously. It might not seem like much but it’s freaking great. It makes the mod awesome to build and wick on. No fucking around with multiple fire button presses. Flip the switch, it’s off. Wick. Flip it again, it’s on.The menu system is stupid easy. Three fire button presses and you get an onscreen cursor. Use the +/- buttons to select any item on the screen, hit fire to select it, get a submenu to change it. For example, select the ohms readout, and you can change the ohms. Select the strength display to change the setting or adjust the user curve. And so forth. Super simple, no messing around with a top-level “main” menu, just select shit on the screen and change it.
The big, angled fire button is super comfortable and my fingers naturally land right on on it however I hold the mod. The +/- buttons are large and clicky.
Adjusting watts is always in 0.5w increments. This is so great. I love how the Alien adjusts intelligently depending on how long you press thebuttons, but this is better, and one of the features I loved from the Nano 100w. And of course it’s infinitely better than the adjustment on the Predator.