Freemax Starre Pure Review

Introduction – Starre Pure Tank by Freemax

The latest sub ohm tank from Shenzhen Freemax Co, the Freemax Starre Pure. This tank features ceramic walled coils that promise to provide pure flavour, hence the name of the tank.

They will also outlast traditional coil heads with a phenomenal life of 80-100 refills or 60,000 puffs!Freemax Starre Pure review

Given how good previous Freemax tanks have been, the Freemax Starre Pure shapes up to be the complete package.

You have a 4ml capacity, with top filling and cavernous top airflow, and Freemax state that the
new top airflow design makes the Freemax Starre Pure a totally leakproof tank.

Combined with the stated lifespan of the coil heads, we could have a new king of the sub ohm tanks on our hands, so let’s get on and see how it performs!

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Freemax Starre Pure tank
  • 1 x 0.25ohm coil
  • 1 x 0.5ohm coil
  • 1 x Replacement Borosilicate Glass tank
  • 7 x Spare O-Rings
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Key Features

  • 25mm width x 65mm height
  • 4ml juice capacity
  • Top airflow
  • Top filling
  • Designed to be leakproof
  • Food grade stainless steel construction
  • Thick borosilicate glass tank section
  • Stainless steel drip tip with teflon insulated interior
  • CCC stock coil heads with ceramic outer, rated for 80-100 refills or 60,000 puffs

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Build Quality

The first thing you may notice when holding the Freemax Starre Pure in your hand is just how big this tank is.

It’s 25mm wide with a height of 65mm (excluding the drip tip and 510 connector), which means you need a pretty big vape mod for it to sit on otherwise it will look pretty ridiculous!freemax starre pure drip tip

It feels absolutely rock solid though. I’d hedge my bets like previous Freemax tanks the Pure will outlast many other sub ohm tanks in the same price bracket.

Refilling is done via top fill, like the Scylla and Freemax Starre Pro, however this time around no juice flow control is present.freemax starre pure topfill

Due to the newly designed chimney and top airflow, these both make the Freemax Starre Pure leak-proof therefore there is no need for a juice flow control system.

The large chimney does impact on the capacity of the tank however. Tanks of this size usually have quite large capacities. The Pure is restricted to 4ml.

Changing The Coil / Drip Tip Heat Insulation

To change a coil over you simply unscrew the tank section from the base of the tank. This can be done with a full tank of juice.

The coil should unscrew easily, and you can pop a new one in without any fuss at all.freemax starre pure tank

I do like the Teflon lined drip tip on the Freemax Starre Pure. This has a stainless steel casing but the Teflon really does reduce the amount of heat coming up the drip tip.

In fact, I didn’t notice the drip tip get warm at all, which is great if you like to push a lot of power through this tank.


Top airflow is found on the Starre Pure, with two giant airflow slots at the top of the
tank. The buttery smooth airflow control allows you to set your desired airflow setting easily.

As with any Freemax tank, you can get huge vapour with ease, thanks to the sheer size of the airflow!freemax starre pure parts

Freemax made the move to top airflow to eliminate leaking from the tank, and the air
gets drawn down through these slots, under the coil and back up again, without any negative impact on flavour or vapour.

How Does The Freemax Starre Pure Perform?

0.25 Ohm Coil

Firstly, I looked at the 0.25 ohm coil as this is already installed with the Freemax Starre Pure.

It needed 45w to start producing any sort of recognizable flavour and vapour.

Bumping it up to 70w warmed the vape right up and some fantastic flavour was produced.

The clouds on the other hand were tremendous, with the airflow cranked wide open the Freemax Starre Pure was chucking out room filling levels of vapour. Certainly very impressive for a top airflow tank.

I managed to push this coil up to 100w before it got too hot for myself, however the coil
head definitely wasn’t struggling.

0.5 Ohm Coil

Next up, the 0.5ohm coil went in. I’ve found this to be better for flavour than the 0.25ohm
coil, but not on the same level when it comes to clouds.

This provides an excellent vape at 50w and if you prefer flavour chasing over cloud chasing, the 0.5ohm coil will be a better choice for you.

It’s a top tank when it comes to wicking juice. I tested up to 100% VG in the Freemax Starre Pure without any dry hits, but it does get through juice quickly especially when using the 0.25ohm coil above 50 watts.

I can’t yet comment on Freemax’s big claims regarding the lifespan of these coils.

I haven’t counted how many times I have refilled the tank or puffed on it. However, both of the coils are still going strong with over a week and a half’s heavy usage.

Many other coils for other sub ohm tanks would have burned out with the same sort of usage, so Freemax are definitely doing something right here!

What I Liked

The flavour from this tank is absolutely phenomenal, this really is amazingly pure and smooth flavour.

I would go as far as saying the Freemax Starre Pure provides, for me, some of the best flavour available from a sub ohm tank yet.

The leakproof design works perfectly and to date, I’ve not had a single bit of juice leak from the Starre Pure yet.

The airflow is incredible, the Pure sports some of the largest airflow seen on a
tank, and the clouds this tank is capable of providing are massive.

Coil lifespan is great. You get a lot of mileage out of the stock coil heads compared to many
other sub ohm tanks.

What I Didn’t Like

The size of the Freemax Starre Pure wasn’t to my own tastes. This is a big old tank that will look out of place unless you use it on a suitably sized box mod.

These days I’m more of a fan of the smaller, low profile atomisers.

The 4ml capacity is pretty small for a tank of this size, however this is down to the leak-proof design of the chimney, so this is unfortunately unavoidable!

I’ve read reports elsewhere that this tank doesn’t get hot during heavy use. For me that simply isn’t the case. The tank can get pretty warm if you use it heavily, however the drip tip does a great job at stopping your lips from getting hot or burnt.

Final Review Verdict

Freemax have done it again and produced a sub ohm tank that is among the absolute best out there in terms of performance and build quality.

I’d go as far as saying this is now my favourite sub ohm tank yet, I’m that impressed with the smooth and flavourful vape from this tank and the huge clouds of vapour it is capable of providing.

It’s leak-proof as well which is fantastic, and its one of the better built sub ohm tanks out there.

Combine this with some of the best performance around, and you have a sub ohm tank well worth your investment. This is one of the best available.

Now It’s Available :Freemax Starre RDTA Tank

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REVIEW: Captain 25mm RTA by iJoy

Hail to the chief! After reviewing EVERY item in iJOY’s Captain line of products to date (with the even newer Captain S sub-ohm tank still waiting in the wings), it’s been an inconsistent ride thus far. So, when the RTA edition arrived on my desk, I approached with some serious skepticism. Would this Captain 25mm RTA by iJoy right the course, or go down with the ship?

Eyeballing the IJOY Captain 25mm RTA

When you open the now-standard iJOY packaging – clear plastic shell, with slide-off wrapper – you’ll likely do a double-take, wondering if the company sent another standard sub-ohm tank. But a few aesthetic differences help differentiate the Captain 25mm RTAfrom its predecessors.

The fill port is wide, and accepted most of my e-liquid bottles and droppers without much concern. It should be noted that wider bottle tips sometimes cause the recessed fill port to flood, so squeeze slowly or have those tissues handy.First, the top cap employs a slide-and-fill mechanic that makes it possible to refill the Captain RTA with one hand, which comes in surprisingly handy when you’re on the go. The top cap hinge is firm, but easy to engage, and there were no instances of it opening unintentionally. As I used it more, the cap naturally loosened, but never once lost its snug feel.

Secondly, the amber-colored, chuff-style drip tip is both attractive and extremely comfortable. But the 810-compatible cap allows for any similar drip tip to work here, including the popular SMOK Beast offerings. Though I found the wide-bore setup more than satisfactory, iJOY included a 510 adapter for those who prefer a narrower mouthpiece.

The rest of the iJOY Captain RTA appears very similar to the Captain sub-ohm tank (reviewed here as part of the Captain PD270 kit). The polished metal exterior catches the light nicely, and the entire offering is extremely smooth and well-machined. Even the signature recessed groove on the lower portion of the tank section returns here, to help dissipate heat during high-wattage use. It’s not particularly effective for this purpose, but it does look sharp.

Examining the iJOY Captain 25mm RTA

Taking the RTA apart, you’ll appreciate how snug the entire package stays together. Well-placed o-rings, and deep-seated grooves ensure all parts sit nicely, with no risk of gaps, nor any reason to overtighten the device.

The base of the Captain 25mm RTA is where things get a little more interesting. Instead of a solid piece, the base is actually a ring that centers the 510 connector pin, which is attached to the build deck itself.

The deck, in turn, slides into the chimney barrel like the replaceable sub-ohm coils from the original Captain tank. Though it sounds a little convoluted, the deck fits securely, and the base/ring secures everything without concern.

The Captain RTA’s chimney section also follows suit from the Captain sub-ohm tank, with a wide, but cone-shaped design for concentrated flavor. There are also four large wicking ports around the chimney barrel that align with gaps in the deck to provide adjustable juice flow control. Though it’s finicky, and can shift when screwing/unscrewing the Captain RTA from your mod, it works well overall.

Moving to the build deck, it’s immediately obvious that iJOY catered the Captain RTA to vapers in search of airflow. In addition to the generous air slots beneath the coils, there are also side airflow slots creating a very powerful “turbine” action that is evident in every puff.

More interesting is how iJOY opted for a postless, gold-plated build deck, rather than the standard velocity-style decks found in most setups today. While most postless decks can be temperamental and difficult to build accurately, the Captain RTA is surprisingly user-friendly, and the extra room only further enhances airflow and flavor.

That said, iJOY provided several unique, interchangeable build deck styles for its RDTA Box mod, and I would be awfully surprised if the company wasn’t considering the same approach for its new flagship product line. But if not, the included deck will appeal to coil-building novices and experts alike through flexibility and overall ease-of-use.

Building the iJOY Captain RTA

Given the veritable shipload of space on the postless build deck, there’s plenty of opportunity for creativity with the Captain RTA. But there are a few quirks worth noting, to ensure you don’t encounter any vicious dry hits.

Also, while most of you probably know to fluff your cotton after placing it in the coil, it has never rung truer than with the Captain 25mm RTA. Use a thin piece of extra wire to capture as many stray wisps of cotton as possible, without compromising the coil, and snip away the ends before wetting and wicking.Once your coils are properly seated and tightened, you can wick as usual, with the exception of the leads. You cannot – I repeat CANNOT – overstuff the ports with cotton. Instead, you should snip the leads to loosely cover the ports, or fold the wick tails underneath. But even the slightest amount of extra cotton in the port holes will choke the Captain RTA, leading to burnt hits in record time.

It’s odd that a device with such ample room for juice flow is so fickle with wicks. But, thankfully, once you have the proper technique mastered, it becomes second nature.

Vaping the iJOY Captain RTA

All it takes is one good draw from the iJOY Captain 25mm RTA to make the finicky little quirks worth the effort. Because this is a bona fide flavor machine, and a wide range of control to best match your preferred style of vaping.

Though we’ve already discussed the vast amounts of airflow on the Captain RTA, there is still a surprising amount of versatility to be had. With the bottom AFC ring closed off, the Captain RTA offers a flavorful restricted lung hit that never gets too warm. No one will mistake the Captain for a Kayfun, but considering how windy things can be with things wide open, iJOY built a tank that can accommodate a much bigger audience.

Using a 24-gauge Kanthal six-wrap build, coming in around 0.28 ohms, the iJOY Captain RTA was an absolute delight. I started conservatively at 65 watts, and received a warm, but not hot vape full of flavor and thick vapor. I worked my way up the ladder until this build peaked around 105 watts, but never got dry, even under extreme use.

(This is where the wicking tip from earlier came to light. Cotton-stuffed juice ports will choke in seconds. Wick loosely and intelligently, kids.)

Per usual, I found my ideal vape quality around 80 watts. At this level, the Captain RTAoffered a perfectly matched balance of flavor and vapor, while staying surprisingly frugal on e-liquid consumption. The 3.8mL tank section lasted me quite a while, even under heavy testing.

Of course, we needed to push the Captain RTA a little, so I built a set of fused claptons, coming in at 0.15 ohms. Working my way up the ladder, the Captain sang until around 140 watts. Here, the tank and mouthpiece both began to move toward the wrong side of warm, but the overall vape quality was still good. That said, capability and purpose are two different things – and the Captain RTA is meant for flavor as much as it is for cloud production.

At higher wattages, the Captain may still perform, but flavor diminishes once the heat rises. By the time I was chain vaping at 110 watts, I could capably fog my office, but fewer of the e-liquid’s rich qualities were evident.

Within more moderate levels, however, the Captain 25mm RTA was a – pardon to pun – joy to use, even with the need for precise wicking. The sheer amount of flavor that came through every puff, while also offering notable vapor production and shockingly good e-liquid efficiency.

Captain 25mm RTA by iJoy – Postless – Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine


As mentioned at the top of the review, iJOY’s Captain series has been a hit-or-miss line up until now, and there are still more products coming down the line. But any tank, RTA or dripper that follows in this series will have a tough task in outperforming this brand’s new leader, the Captain 25mm RTA.

CoilArt Mage V2 RTA Review

CoilArt Mage V2 RTA

CoilArt Mage V2 RTA Review

Hello everyone, Mike Strong here. Today I am going to give my thoughts on the new CoilArt Mage V2 RTA, which has a similar deck to the Kylin RTA, but how does it compare?

CoilArt Mage V2 RTA Packaging List

The Mage RTA V2 is an RTA (rebuildable tank) that comes with the tank itself, replacement frosted bubble glass to increase capacity and a bag of accessories that include an Allen keyspare screws and o-rings, and a 510 drip tip adapter.

CoilArt Mage V2 RTA

CoilArt Mage RTA V2 Features

The Mage RTA V2 is a 24mm RTA with gold plated, postless deck design. This is very similar to the Kylin tank by Vandy Vape but has a different airflow arrangement and smaller wicking holes. The top section screws down onto the base but above the wicking holes to allow for juice flow.

It has 2 very large top fill holes that you access by unscrewing the knurled top capand an 810 drip tip with gold “Mage” branding on the side.

CoilArt Mage V2 RTA

It features 3 kidney shaped airflow holes that are adjustable with the knurled airflow ring, and adjusting one will adjust all of the others evenly. The tension is just enough to ensure the airflow stays put, but not too tough to move when needed.

Build Quality of the CoilArt Mage V2 RTA

CoilArt has always been known to provide high-quality goods and the Mage RTA V2 is no exception to that rule. All of the threads are very clean and the parts fit together seamlessly.

CoilArt Mage V2 RTA

The knurling on the moving parts adds an aesthetic to the product but also serves a functional purpose in allowing a better grip for the moving parts, nice touch CoilArt!

The deck is gold plated with single or dual configurations with the Allen key grub screw on the side, (more on this later) and the airflow holes are an array of different sizes and shapes that are milled right into the deck.

CoilArt Mage V2 RTA

The drip tip is an 810 style but the adapter in the box allows you to use a 510 of your choice. All of my 810 and 510 drip tips fit snugly into the hole, but when using any that are not provided in the packaging, you will get a small gap where the gold beauty ring sits on the original.

Vape Quality & Performance

Now we come to the real details of the Mage V2 RTA, how is its performance?

Honestly……building on the Mage V2 RTA is a bit of a nightmare! I consider myself an advanced builder and I have been making my own coils and fitting them to tanks and RDAs for a number of years now. Having seen the deck style and likening it to the Kylin RTA, I thought it would be a doddle……it’s not!

The problem with this deck is the combination of large post holes, with small grub screws. When using wire that does not completely fill the holes, the grub screws than to push the wire to one side, rather than clamping it to the deck.

Vape Quality & Performance Continued

You can use thicker wire, but the deck of the Mage RTA V2 is actually quite small. This is not a huge issue when building with a single coil as you can use a much thicker build and not have to worry about space. However, when building a dual coil, the thicker coils tend to be extremely close or even touching.

The Kylin has an almost identical deck to this, but it appears to be much larger to accommodate dual coils and the post holes are more suited to the deck size. This means the grub screws will always pin the wire to the deck. Unfortunately, the Mage RTA V2does not do this and this results in a LOT of time taken to build on this.

Once you have managed to secure the wire, wicking is a doddle. You place the cotton into the channels, with a small gap between the base of the channel and the end of the cotton, to allow for the juice to pool up underneath and wick.

CoilArt Mage V2 RTA
CoilArt Mage V2 RTA

Providing you have managed to get a build secure and wicked this as mentioned above, you get a fantastic vape! The airflow is smooth and can be personalized, the wicking is great and I am yet to have a dry hit, refilling couldn’t be easier, and the flavor is outstanding.

This is the kind of RTA that you will build once and leave the coils in for as long as possible. That deck really is a nightmare and if you are a new builder or a bit of a novice, this will drive you insane.  

Final Thoughts on Mage RTA V2

I was very excited to try the CoilArt Mage V2 RTA as I was such a huge fan of the Kylin. Overall, the product is very good, but the build deck needs to be re-designed. It is such a shame as everything else is superb and once you get past those grub screws, the vape is one of the best I have experienced. I can’t help but think in 6 months time. I will opt for a tank that has an easier deck to work with before reaching for this.

Now It’s Available :Coilart Mage RTA 2019

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Asvape Cobra Sub Ohm Tank Review

Asvape Cobra Review

Asvape Cobra Sub Ohm Tank Review

I have to admit that I had not heard of Asvape before, however after doing some quick research I found that they are a Shenzhen based manufacturer that have released a couple different attys and mods. The Asvape Cobra is a 3.8ml 24mm tank which supports 0.5ohm Ni80 coils. The coils are marketed to take juice in 360 degrees around the coil and work with 100% VG e-liquid.

What’s in the box?

  • Asvape Cobra (0.5 ohm coil pre-installed)
  • 1x Extra 0.5 ohm Ni80 Cobra Coil
  • 1x Extra Glass Tube
  • 1x Spare Parts
  • 1x User Manual


Out of the Box

The packaging on the Asvape Cobra is very simple and straight to the point. A nice little black box with gold logos on the front and embossed text on the rear. One problem, how do I open it? I finally figured out that it is hinged at the bottom left corner and the tray hinges out. Neat! I haven’t seen that one before. Neatly tucked away inside was the tank, a spare glass, a spare coil, instruction card and a generous set of spare o-rings. Safe to say that this tank and it’s accompaniments will not get damaged in transit due to a well constructed box and ample foam padding.

I received the black finish, however the Asvape Cobra is also available in silver and now gold finishes. The tank itself looks very neat with an all black appearance helped out by a smoked black glass reservoir. A nice gold accent ring at the top of the tank near the top cap gives it a classy appearance. A nice thick drip tip up top along with a very smooth, easily adjustable airflow on the bottom.

Asvape Cobra Review

The build quality is top notch, with all threads being super smooth and all parts fitting together with good tolerance. The drip tip can be swapped out with a 510 tip of your choice, so that is a huge pro. The top cap has the Asvape logo engraved on one side and the number 1986 on the other.

I was unsure of the meaning of this number and inquisitive minds tend to enquire. First I thought 1986 could mean the year of the Cobra, but I was wrong – it was the year of the Tiger. I did however find a link to something interesting. Cobra was a film made 1986 which was written and directed by Sylvester Stallone. There you go, at least I my curious mind is now satisfied that I found some kind of weird link.

I didn’t find any remnants of machine oil in the Asvape Cobra or on the pre-installed coil or the spare coil. This is very re-assuring as it means that the Quality Control process is up to scratch. The coils are gold in color and appear very well made. They have an array of tiny juice holes all the way around the coil, which makes sense of the “360 degree” juice ports. The coils are vertical and made from Ni80 with organic cotton for the wicking material. The coils are 0.5 ohm and are rated between 30 – 45 watts. The spare coils come in a bullet shaped case for protection which look pretty cool.

All in all a really well made, good looking tank which appears to be a promising performer. I am excited to give it a whirl!



The tank comes apart into six separate pieces for ease of cleaning and maintenance of the coil heads. The replacement coils are screwed into the base of the tank with ease, no issues here if you’ve done that before.

To fill up the tank, unscrew the top cap. This is easy to grip due to the engraved writing on both sides. Once the top cap is removed, there will be two juice fill ports exposed that easily fit a bottle nose or dripper style application. The reservoir is marketed to hold 3.8ml of juice, however upon filling it with a syringe, I found it to be closer to 4ml – which is a sneaky little bonus.

Asvape Cobra Review

Airflow is provided to the coil by two airflow intakes at the bottom of the tank, one on each side. The airflow is adjusted by simply turning the control ring at the bottom. It will adjust from fully closed to fully open and does not spin freely around the rest of the diameter. The airflow can easily be adjusted whilst on top of a mod. That is about all there is to using the Asvape Cobra, it doesn’t get very complex. Everything is kept nice and simple.

Focus On For Best Vape Tanks.


There was probably about 2 – 3 tanks of break in period when using the Asvape Cobra before I got a really pure taste. The break in period certainly isn’t as bad as some tanks I have used in the past, but it was noticeably better afterwards. After the break in period, I was getting a really nice tasty vape off this. Not RDA level, but up there with some of the best tanks that are available currently on the market. For a low wattage tank, the clouds are very respectable. This is not marketed as a cloud chucker, but I find it provides a really good balance between flavor and vapor production.

Although being rated up to 45 watts, the tank did still perform above this level. I found that the flavor did back off above 40 watts though. I find the sweet spot for this tank to be around 35 watts, with either a medium setting or a small ramp preheat dialed in. At this wattage setting I find the Asvape Cobra to be very efficient on both juice and battery.

It certainly doesn’t chew through e-liquid like a lot of other sub ohm tanks on the market. During the few weeks I have been testing the Asvape Cobra and using between 4 – 8 mls per day. The coil is still delivering the same taste and performance throughout this time and I have not had to change out the coil. It keeps up with wicking high VG liquid very well and I have not experienced any dry hits what so ever. The coil reading was accurate at around 0.52 on my DNA and other high end mods, so that is another good sign of craftsmanship – they deliver what they advertise.

In regards to airflow, I would describe the Asvape Cobra as a semi-restricted lung hitter. It can be backed off accordingly to get a more restrictive or mouth to lung vape without any hassles at all. At its widest setting, I would compare the Asvape Cobra to be about as airy as the CoilArt Mage at half open. I would say that it is airy enough to satisfy most people, however if your looking for an airflow monster, this isn’t the tank for you. Given the fact that the coils are not rated over 45 watts, this airflow setting is more than adequate.

Asvape Cobra Review

The drip tip actually grew on me the more I used the Asvape Cobra. I was initially thinking I would want to swap it out for another favorite tip, however I really have come to like it now and would only consider swapping it out purely for aesthetic reasons if I wanted to go matchy matchy with a particular mod. The ability to do so however is a pro in my book. Another pro about the Asvape Cobra is that it doesn’t leak at all. Leaking is something I am always watching out for in a new tank, however I have not seen a drop out of place here.

I would have liked to have seen an RBA section or a variety of different coils offered. I think some temperature controlled coils or the option to install your own would have been a smart move. Hopefully we will see some of these offered in the future to accompany this tank.



  • 24mm x 42.5mm
  • Capacity: 3.8ml
  • Thread: 510
  • Airflow Hole: 2 Parts
  • Coil: 0.5 ohm Ni80 Coil (35w-45w)
  • Material: Food Grade 22304+ Pyrex Glass + Import Black POM Drip Tip
  • Colors: Black/SS

Wrap Up

I have to say that the Asvape Cobra is a really fun little tank to use. There are no complex operations and it just does what it advertises. Simple, good looking, well performing and affordable are the terms I would use to sum up this tank. It looks premium already, with it’s smoked black glass and gold ring around the top cap. So there is no need to spend any extra to doll up this tank.

Apart form the lack of coil options, I believe Asvape have delivered well with the Cobra. For the cost, I would highly recommend this tank if it is something that takes your interest. Don’t underestimate this little guy, he really does pack a punch in all aspects. I hope this article has helped you in your quest to find a new tank. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below – we always love hearing from you.

Now It’s Available :Asvape Cobra RTA

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voopoo vfl pod

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OBS Engine RTA Reviewed – A Great Performing & Simple RTA with a Great Price!

OBS Engine RTA Review

OBS Engine RTA Review

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, also know as RTAs have become increasingly popular over the past year. OBS had released its first RTA last year, which became a favorite of many vapers, and may have been seen as one of, it not the best RTA of 2015. Times have changed though, and there is much more competition in the RTA market than ever before.

Many companies have made many different RTAs this year, and some new companies have also entered the market, bringing innovation and new designs. OBS has released their newest rebuildable tank atomizer, the OBS Engine RTA. This is completely different than their previous RTAs, but keeps some design cues. Firstly, I would like to thank Gearbest for sending this product my way for the purposes of this review

In this review, I will go over my impressions of this tank, building and wicking, performance, cons and conclude by telling you whether or not I recommend the OBS Engine RTA!

Out of the Box

When first receiving the OBS Engine RTA, the first thing I noticed was its rather small packaging. Compared to some of the other atomizers I have received lately, this package was certainly on the smaller side in comparison. This is not to say there is anything wrong with that necessarily, but just something I noticed.

The packaging itself is quite simple, and shows a picture of the tank right in the front alongside the OBS name on the top side. On the bottom of the packaging there is a QR code which you can scan, and on the back there is some information about what is included and about the product itself. Also, on the back it states which color tank is inside the packaging, and in my case it is black.

Upon opening the box, what I noticed first is that the tank was not securely in place and was moving quite freely inside. This is certainly a con in my opinion, as I do prefer that products come secure so it will not be damaged upon arrival. However, there was no damages or anything wrong with the product I received, so that’s a good thing.

Also, what I noticed about the tank at first is how compact it was for a 25mm RTA. Typically, 25mm RTAs are large in comparison. The Engine is much shorter than many of my 25mm RTAs that I currently own, which was a huge pro for me. Of course, this is subjective, and other vapers may prefer a larger tank in general.

Additionally, right under the tank lays the replacement glass tank section, and a allen key screwdriver. The inclusion of an allen key screwdriver a nice addition, as many atomizers just include an allen key, but I find this to be much more easier to use. Not to mention, including a replacement glass tank section is always a pro as well!

You also receive a user manual, a bag of spare parts, a pair of twisted coils and Japanese cotton. I do think it is a pro that this tank includes some pre-built coils, as some buyers may be beginners, and having an easy way to first start using this tank is great. In addition, the user manual goes over how to wick this tank, making it even more friendly to beginners.

The OBS Engine RTA in the black color is absolutely gorgeous. I really like how this tank looks in black. Of course, this is also subjective and you may prefer a silver or stainless steel color, which in this case is offered.

Like said previously, this tank is quite compact for a 25mm RTA. I do like the overall design of this tank as well, even though some may not like it.

What makes this RTA unique is that it offers adjustable top airflow. Typically, RTAs would feature adjustable bottom airflow, but recently many new RTAs have been released that feature top airflow. This, to me, is a pro since it will reduce the chances of leaking tremendously. The top adjustable airflow on the Engine is a bit stiff, but it still adjusts with no issues. Honestly, I prefer it to be a bit more stiff than loose.

The airflow slots are quite large as well, so there is plenty of airflow available. In addition, I do like the feel of the drip tip, even though it is a bit different than what I am used to. It is a 510 drip tip, you can use your own preferred drip tip! This is certainly a huge pro!

Right below the airflow is where the top fill is located. This is probably the easiest top fill design to use. You literally just pull the top fill section up, and it reveals a large fill hole. You will have literally no issues filling this tank with any e-liquid bottle.

This is once again a huge pro for this tank. Not to mention, it is just smooth to use and has the perfect restriction when opening and closing it. I can literally hold this tank by the top fill, and it will not open. Honestly, this is just a well designed top fill method.

The overall quality of the OBS Engine RTA is also very good. I did not notice any issues with the black coating, which is probably a concern with some. In addition, the threading on this tank was solid as well, and everything screwed together smoothly. Honestly, the quality of this RTA is top notch.

OBS Engine RTA Review

Also, I do have to mention that there was literally no machine oil on this tank at all. As stated with all my reviews, I do love when an atomizer comes clean out the package. One rinse and one wash with water, and this tank was good to go.

Upon taking the tank apart, it reveals the deck section. This tank does feature a velocity styled build deck, making it a breeze to build on! I did notice that wicking this tank is going to be quite different than other RTAs.

All in all, my first impressions of the OBS Engine RTA were all great. The build quality was superb, and the design was surely eye appealing. In the next section, I will go into detail about building and wicking this RTA!

Building & Wicking the OBS Engine RTA

The OBS Engine RTA features a two post velocity styled build deck, so you know that building and installing coils in this RTA will be a breeze. The deck itself is quite large, and you can certainly fit some bigger builds in here, which is a huge pro.

I had literally no issues fitting Claptons and Fused Clapton builds in this deck. I would usually build 2.5mm diameter coils, which is my preferred diameter. However, 3mm ID coils should fit with little to no issues.

The hex screws on this tank are also great. I had zero issues with them, and I have put quite a few builds in here. None of them have stripped, or caused me any issues whatsoever. This is a huge pro once again for this tank.

Like mentioned previously, wicking this tank is quite different than other RTAs. Since this tank features top airflow, it is different in regards to its wicking design. Firstly, it is not overly difficult to wick this RTA, but beginners may run into issues.

What worked best for me is to have cotton barely sticking into the wicking holes. Most of the cotton I would use will sit on top of the wicking hole. The way this is designed is that e-liquid will feed from underneath the build deck area into your cotton which then feeds your coils.

If you look underneath the build deck, you can easily see where you cotton is and how much is sticking out of the wicking hole. It is important to have some cotton sticking out, as I found this to be the best way to get this RTA to wick efficiently.

If you have too much cotton in the wicking hole, it may not wick as well. However, if you have too little cotton, you will certainly run into flooding issues, and have tons of spit back.

Honestly, wicking the OBS Engine RTA is not difficult. If you are experienced with wicking RTAs, then you will literally run into no problems with wicking. However, if you are a beginner, just know that finding a right balance of cotton is always key to wicking any RTA. Finding what works best for you in each RTA is what’s best.

All in all, it was a pleasure to build on the OBS Engine RTA. It took no time to have this tank built and wicked, and ready to be vaped, which leads me into the next section, the performance!

Focus On For More Vape Tank.


Probably the most important question about the OBS Engine RTA is how does it perform? Well I can tell you that it performs great! Firstly, I will go over my preferred build and wattage for vaping this tank.

My preferred coil build for the OBS Engine RTA is a dual Clapton coil build. The Clapton coil consisted of 24GA Kanthal wrapped over with 36GA Kanthal. The resistance of this build came out to be 0.33 ohm. This is a build that I do know well, and prefer it for many of my RTAs.

The preferred wattage for this build was between 60w and 90w. If you plan on replicating a build such as this and vaping at higher wattages, it is important to know and understand what batteries work best for vaping this way.  In addition, we go over some of the best battery chargers and some necessary battery accessories. If you are interested, feel free to click the link down below check it out!

I did try other builds in this RTA, and they worked just fine as well. So if you wanted to just vape this tank with normal round wire builds, it’ll perform just fine!

However, with my preferred build and wattage range I received a nice and warm vape. The vape experience was always satisfying from this tank. I do prefer a warmer vape, and more of a restrictive lung hit, so you may like a different build or wattage.

The flavor on the OBS Engine RTA is fantastic. The flavor is definitely above average and pretty close to what you would get from an RDA. Honestly, I was very impressed with the flavor I was getting from this RTA.

I think the way the top airflow was designed is why this RTA has such good flavor. Typically, I do prefer bottom airflow RTAs, but the OBS Engine RTA might have just changed my mind!

OBS Engine RTA Review

The vapor production was also very good. This is by no means a cloud chasing RTA, but you do get great vapor production, especially with a Clapton coil build. The vapor production was certainly satisfying.

The airflow was also very smooth with this tank. I never once experienced any type of turbulent airflow from this RTA. Even with the airflow completely wide open, the flavor was still great. I was honestly surprised by this, since many times when you open the airflow of any tank, the flavor comes down a lot, but the flavor was still solid for this tank. With the airflow wide open, you do get a very slight restriction.

However, I preferred to close the airflow just about quarter way. With the airflow positioned like this, I received a nice restrictive lung hit. I did not notice a huge bump in flavor, but it was just slightly better like this. I did get a warmer vape though by closing off the airflow a bit.

The airflow control is quite stiff. Not too stiff, where it is difficult to adjust, but you do have to use some force to adjust it. This can be seen as a con, but honestly I prefer it this way rather than it being too loose.

When closing the airflow down a bit, I did notice that the drip tip would get a bit hot. So sometimes I would just vape this tank wide open to avoid this issue. I think if I changed the drip tip it could have resolved this issue.

Speaking about the drip tip, it really is comfortable to use. I know for sure some vapers may not like the design of this drip tip, but I personally like it. Thankfully, like said previously, you can easily change it to a preferred 510 drip tip. Keep in mind though, some 510 drip tips may not look the greatest due to the design of the drip tip area.

Filling this tank is a breeze. The top fill design of this tank is flawless in my opinion. However, in some cases when you do close the top fill section, small amounts of e-liquid would squeeze out since there is e-liquid around the inner parts of the top fill section. The amount of e-liquid is very minimal and you can easily wipe it with your fingers or with a tissue. This is not really a huge con, but still worth mentioning.

Also, it is worth mentioning that I experienced zero leaking with this tank. Of course, this is to be expected since it does feature a top airflow design, but it is still worth mentioning. Honestly, the only way I think you could make this tank leak is if you wick this tank wrong.

This tank does have a 5.2ml e-liquid capacity, but just like any other RTA it can easily go through e-juice fast. I literally vaped out the entire tank in just under an hour when chain vaping with the previously mentioned build and wattage range. So this is definitely something to keep in mind if you are interested in this tank.

Overall, the performance of the OBS Engine RTA is incredible. However, there are still some cons to be mentioned about this tank, which is what is going to be covered next!


Honestly, it was hard to pinpoint some cons to this RTA as there are hardly any real cons and some are just subjective. However, the first con that I do want to mention is that the drip tip would get hot at higher wattages. This issue was resolved when opening up the airflow. Also, changing the 510 drip tip could have solved this issue as well. Regardless, this is something that is worth mentioning.

The next con to be mentioned is also very minor, which is that small amounts of e-liquid would come out when closing the top fill section. Like stated previously, the amount of e-liquid is very minimal, and would only happen when refilling the tank.

A subjective con is the drip tip. Yes you can use your own 510 drip tips, but some people may not like the drip tip that is included. Also, some 510 drip tips may not look too great due to the design of the 510 drip tip area.

OBS Engine RTA Review

The next subjective con is that this RTA can go through e-liquid pretty fast. Like stated previously, this is to be expected with most RTAs or Subohm Tanks, so it is not the biggest con. However, I do think it is worth mentioning. If you are looking for a tank that does not go through e-liquid quick, then this may not be a tank for you. This of course can be due to the build you have in this tank, like my previously mentioned Clapton build.

Overall, there is not too many cons to this RTA. The performance of this RTA is outstanding, and with hardly any cons, it really is one of the best RTAs available, which leads me into the next section, my conclusion!


In conclusion, the OBS Engine RTA is an amazing atomizer. The performance is incredible, and the flavor is really impressive. Liked stated previously, there really isn’t too many cons to mention with this one.

This tank is easy to build, and wicking it is pretty easy as well. This tank just keeps up with wicking even at higher wattages. I was never worried about encountering a dry hit, and each vape gave excellent flavor.

Not to mention, the vapor production is also excellent. By no means is this tank a cloud chasing RTA, but it will certainly produce a satisfying amount of vapor for most vapers! The airflow is silky smooth, and with it closed off slightly, it provides me with a nice restrictive lung hit. Honestly, I was worried that this tank may be too airy for me, but to my surprised it was just perfect. Even having the airflow wide open, the flavor was incredible, which is something you cannot say with every tank.

I do love bottom airflow tanks, but the OBS Engine RTA made me love top airflow tanks even more. With leaking nonexistent with this tank due to its design, you never have to worry about it when traveling and having this tank in your pocket or purse.

OBS Engine RTA Review

All in all, the OBS Engine RTA is an atomizer that is hard not to recommend. Honestly, this is one of the best RTAs of this year thus far, and may be our number one pick for this year!

If you are looking for a great RTA that offer incredible flavor, and solid vapor production, then the OBS Engine RTA is definitely a tank we highly recommend.

Hopefully this review has helped you with picking out your next atomizer! If you have any questions or comment, like always feel free to leave them down below in the comments section! Thanks for reading!

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EHPRO Lock RDA | Preview

EHPRO Lock RDA Preview

EHPRO Lock RDA Intro

Ehpro is a long established (2011) Chinese brand, and the Ehpro Lock RDA follows a great range of products that include the Bachelor X RTA which scored highly in our full review. Ehpro has also produced Mods like the Fusion 200w TC Box and RDA’s like the Panther and the Nixon V2.

What Is it?

The Ehpro Lock is a 24mm single coil RDA with a nut-style top cap and honeycomb 810 drip tip. The Lock has a side airflow system directly onto a notch coil which allows for build-free replacement and a squonk pin for squonk lovers.

Ehpro claim there are only 3 simple steps to build a coil:

  1. Take the top cap off;
  2. Push the coil into the deck;
  3. Heat the coil to make it heat evenly. Install the cotton.

The Lock RDA is also compatible with conventional coils and comes in three colors, Black, Stainless Steel, and Blue.


Who is it for?

The Lock RDA is for flavor addicts and RDA beginners. This RDA will give an easy building experience.


Our Vibe

When it comes to design sometimes, the best looking tanks have one inherent design flaw, too smooth and shiny to get a grip. You then have to play the stuck jar lid game to take the top off and replace the coil. Should I try to use brute force, use a dish towel or run it under some hot water?

The Ehpro designers have suffered from the same and rather than taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut. They just used a nut and a little industrial design to solve the problem.

Add to this the simplicity of dropping the pre-built notch coil or even regular coil into place, and you’re as sweet as a nut.


Specs & Features


  • Lock Build-free RDA
  • Size: 24 x 28mm
  • Type: Single Coil RDA
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Drip Tip: 810


  • Thread: 510 thread
  • Innovative press-style coil installation
  • Compatible with regular pre-made coils
  • Nut-style top cap
  • Honeycomb 810 drip tip
  • Side direct airflow system
  • Regular 510 pin and BF pin included

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Lock RDA
  • 1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 2 x 0.15ohm Notch coils
  • 2 x Hex screws
  • 1 x BF Pin
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Cottons
  • O-rings