Joyetech Atopack Penguin

The Atopack Penguin is a new sub ohm starter kit from industry heavyweights Joyetech, who are responsible for releasing notable devices such as the eGo AIO, Cubis and the eVic VT to name but a few. They have a lot of hardware that they have produced over time that has been specifically designed for new starters, the the Atopack Penguin is their latest starter kit.

Featuring a completely unique appearance and airflow system, the Joyetech Atopack Penguin features two coil options, a 0.6ohm mouth to lung coil head and a 0.25ohm direct lung coil head. The European version of the Atopack Penguin has a 2ml capacity, in line with current TPD legislation, and an 8.8ml capacity for the rest of the world. An internal 2000 mAh battery recharged via USB is also found with the Atopack Penguin, meaning you should get plenty of usage between charges.


  • 2ml capacity (European TPD version), 8.8ml capacity outside of the EU
  • 26.5mm x 52mm x 102.5mm
  • 2000 mAh built in battery
  • 0.6ohm mouth to lung JVIC coil head
  • 0.25ohm direct lung JVIC coil head
  • USB rechargeable
  • LED battery light indicator
  • Supports 2A fast charging
  • Unique modular design
  • Innovative airflow system
  • Available in a range of different colours

Joyetech Atopack Penguin

The Joyetech Atopack Penguin starter kit comes with the Joyetech Atopack Penguin device itself, an Atopack cartridge, a 0.6ohm mouth to lung JVIC coil head, a 0.25ohm direct lung JVIC coil head, a USB cable and a user manual. Replacement coil heads are available through the Joyetech website and through authorised resellers, you can also purchase spare cartridges as well which can be handy for quickly swapping flavours around on the move.

Joyetech modelled the design of the Atopack Penguin on the animal itself, and you can see the design cues they have taken from an actual penguin in the device. It is a lightweight, curved device measuring in at 26.5mm x 52mm x 102.5mm that really does have a unique look about it. It has curved edges so that the mod feels nice in your hand, size wise it fits in my hand just perfectly. The power button on the front of the Atopack Penguin is of a good size, easy to reach and responsive, underneath the power button is the LED battery light indicator and the USB port for charging. Both the mouthpiece and the airflow hole are built into the removable cartridge, which has a 2ml capacity in the European market and an 8.8ml capacity in other markets.

Overall I feel that it is a lovely looking little mod, that is comfortable to use and lightweight as well. It certainly ranks up there with the most unique bits of kit I have had my hands on for sure!

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Using the Joyetech Atopack Penguin

Firstly, you’ll need to select either the 0.6ohm mouth to lung coil head or the 0.25ohm direct lung coil head, and prime it for use by dripping some eliquid into the top of the coil head and at the top and bottom of the coil itself. Next, you’ll need to fill the cartridge with eliquid through the fill port at the base, then insert your chosen coil making sure that you have a tight seal. Leave it for five minutes once done, to allow eliquid to fully soak into the coil head.

To turn on the Joyetech Atopack Penguin, you need to press the power button five times and the battery light indicator will flash five times to indicate the device is on. To turn it off, press the power button five times again. To vape, you simply hold down the power button and inhale, if the power button is held down for longer than 10 seconds then the device will stop firing and the LED lights will flash 10 times.

A 2000 mAh battery is built into the Joyetech Atopack Penguin, which was lasting me at least a full days use. It is recharged via USB, and also supports 2A fast charging as well. An LED battery life indicator is present below the power button, which consists of five circular light indicators. If battery life is between 90-100%, then five light indicators will show, if it is between 70-89% then four lights will show, 30%-69% will show three lights, 10-29% will show two and 1-9% will show one. From experience, if one or two lights are showing then you will want to get to your charger quickly!

Alongside the ten second cut off, additional safety protections are built into the Atopack Penguin. Short circuit protection, low battery voltage protection and low resistance warnings are all present to add a layer of safety.


Top marks go to Joyetech for the design of the Atopack Penguin, they have come up with a really unique looking bit of kit that stands out from the rest of the starter kit market, with a really nice feel to it and a lightweight body. Build quality feels spot on, and it looks like a real high end starter kit! There’s a range of different colours available as well meaning that you can grab one to suit your own preferences.

One issue I had with the Joyetech Atopack Penguin was with the 0.6ohm mouth to lung coil head, I wasn’t happy to only get less than two days usage out of this coil head before it was unvapable, and the vape quality wasn’t all that great in the first place with a muted taste coming from my eliquids. This was using 50/50 and 60/40 VG/PG ratio eliquid, and a quick search reveals that I’m not the only one with these issues. There seems that there may be a QC issue with the 0.6ohm coil heads, and with most new vapers wanting a mouth to lung style vape when they first begin vaping it would be a wise move for Joyetech to perhaps re-evaluate these coil heads.

That being said I have no real issues with the 0.25ohm coil head, this did offer a very decent vape, with good flavour and vapour produced. I’m also well into a week’s worth of daily usage from this coil, using eliquids with mix ratios from 50/50 to 70/30 VG/PG, and the coil head is keeping up just fine with no noticable flavour or vapour degradation. If the situation with the 0.6ohm coil heads can get rectified, then Joyetech have got a surefire winner on their hands that genuinely caters for both mouth to lung and direct lung vapers!

Now It’s Available :

Joyetech ATOPACK DOLPHIN starter kit

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Joyetech Espion Solo Kit Review – With ProCore Air Tank: Joyetech’s Masterpiece…

Introduction – The Espion Solo By Joytech

The Joyetech Espion Solo mod is from one of he market leading vape brands with a list of products as long as your arm. I never used to be a fan of their’s but over the past 6 months, my mind has been changing.

Their products have been improving by leaps and bounds, with the likes of the dual battery Espion Kit, the ProCore tank and the teensie EGO AIO ECO MTL vape pen .

The kit I’ve been reviewing this week is a force to be reckoned with, the absolutely kickass Espion Solo Kit 10th Anniversary Ltd. Edition! Mine is Gunmetal and, let me tell you, the product pics do it no justice.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Joyetech Espion solo
  • 1 x AVB 21700 battery
  • 2 x Pro CA 0.4ohm head
  • 1 x 18650 battery adaptor
  • 1 x QC USB cable
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x warranty card
  • 1 x spare parts
  • 1 x Fashion drip tip, 1 x Black, Delrin drip tipJoyetech espion solo contents

Features Mod

  • Compatible with 20700, 21700 and 18650(adaptor included)
  • 80 Watt max output
  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 39.5 x 126.5mm
  • 1.3” touch screen/ 64 x 126 px
  • Modes: power/RTC/Bypass/TC(Ni/Ti/Aluminium
  • Resistance: 0.05 to 1.5 for TC/TCR mode and 0.1 to 3.5 ohm for Power mode
  • Temp range: 100 – 315 C
  • Max charge current : 2A
  • Max output current: 30A
  • Max output voltage 9V
  • Automatic screen lock
  • Magnetic battery cover
  • Reverse polarity & dual circuit protection
  • Upgradable firmware

Features Tank

  • 2 and 4.5 ml options
  • Sliding topcap for convenient fill
  • Fashion snakeskin driptip included
  • Huge bottom adjustable airflow
  • 0.4 Ohm ProCA head (40-80W)
  • Full range of wattage coils available

Build Quality & Design

Espion Solo Mod

One opening the standard Joyetech pox packaging, I was instantly blown away by the aesthetics of the device, with its incredible brushed gunmetal finish, it also comes in black, peach and rainbow.Espion Solo Mod with procore tank

Gunmetal is a blend of zinc and copper and I’m assuming this is the real thing…it certainly feels and looks like it could be.

I became even more impressed when I picked it up and felt the metallic surface and the 110g weight, which increases dramatically with the 21700 installed.

The mod is highly ergonomic, a tall and narrow rectangular box chassis with a full half mood curve on the side that’ll fir your palm and the other just curved at the edges to sleeken lines.

Joyetech espion solo 510Either of the larger side panels have a length of grooved gripping that’s a lot more than just functional, it give the mod it’s character and an almost aviation or classic car feel….while I’m not sure that this impression carries over to the other colours, it certainly works magic on the gunmetal version.

This strip with seven grooves takes up almost the whole central third of the panel and the bottom end has been finished diagonally, so if you follow its line down and around the mod to the perpendicular panel, it continues running under the micro charge port, around and up the opposite side of the mod.

The continuation of lines round the edges of the mod seems to be a theme, even the fire button has its edges curled round the sides of the mod…it’s a combination of a spring and a click that it gives you but it is perfectly sized and very conveniently placed, with the 1.3” touchscreen below it and the USB port below that.

Oops, in between the USB port and screen there is a micro USB port shaped button, barely visible on my darkly coloured mod, which will unlock the screen and perform some select functions while setting.

Joyetech espion solo baseThe branding is delicate set, with the finest print, on a wing shaped badge that cuts through that sexy grip panel, there’s branding either size and for the first time in my memory…branding that actually seriously adds to the mod’s aesthetic.

4 small battery vents can be found on the baser, where there’s an interesting relief pattern cast into it, this pattern is also on the top but I suggest you look at the pics for the details of that, since it might take me a month to describe. The pattern continues that aviation/steampunk/classic car feel to the top surface, where it frames the 510 connection, which has a deep and solid spring to it.

The mod’s battery door encompasses the whole half moon curved side of the mod and pulls away with fair effort, thanks to proper solid magnets.Joyetech espion solo side

The chamber will hold the included 21700 battery or 18650 and, what do you know..a 20700 also, though oddly, Joyetech doesn’t mention this. I suspect that there is a war of the batteries going on between Joyetech and iJoy, I’ll say no more.

Procore Air Tank

The ProCore Air tank is just as solid a piece of work as the mod is. I have the 4.5 ml option and for once, I was really pleased with the look and feel of a Joyetech tank.

The first thing you might notice are the enormous airflow slots, one either side and so huge that you can fit both your boat and jet ski inside. There are two connecting beams visible through the airflow and they are the things that make the aiflow sound like your jetski has accidentally turned on when you begin vaping. But I’ll get to all that in the performance section.procore air tank exploded view

The airflow ring is actually incredible, its cast thinner than usual and the coating (or metal)on the outer ring has been chosen, likely, for its ability to near frictionlessly slide against the inner metal, which I assume is SS.

My gunmetal tank is a slightly darker colour than the mod, maybe because the above stated benefit….

The top cap slides to the side to reveal the juice port, only, its a little better than a slide…as it audibly clicks which…in deep brain language, translates to things like, ‘it’s now properly open/or closed, Don’t Panic and I’m really a [email protected]#$ing genius.’

It is…without a doubt, the finest top fill topcap mechanism I’ve ever used…which says a lot.

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I grew concerned when I discovered that this was a 21700 mod (especially since the ‘JOY’ wars had led me to ignorance over the fact that 20700s and 21700s might be compatible in some mods (although, my external charger has no intention of fitting this 21700)…but I was both pleased and surprised to learn that there’s a freaking battery included, whoop whoop, not in the box straight, but inside the MOD!!!! Almost as if they wanted to surpise u…or possibly save money on cardboard.

On a final note, I’ve been ranting for aeons about Joyetech tanks rolling around loose in boxes and was most pleased about the snug foamy snoozing spot in which my ProCore air had passed his journey.

How Does Joyetech Espion Solo Kit Perform?

To be very fair, I expected nothing from the performance, I didn’t think Joyetech could pull off both a look and feel win and a performance win but I was once again mistaken.

The spring-click of the fire button has gone as far as to make ramp time a truly impossible thing to measure, there’s no separation between sound and action, just one smooth movement, smooth like everything else about this kit.joyetech espion solo touch screen

The touchscreen is stunning, with a bright, block print display that’s the same colour as those glow-star stickers you can buy in kid’s stores. The glow couldn’t be brighter and all the necessary info is provided, amps, volts, resistant, wattage and mode…with the special, sneaky addition of what should be the time, only I’ve struggled in vain to set it, trying every possible option to select my adjustment.

If you manage to figure it, kindly post it in the comments, I’d be forever grateful.

Now…fasten your shoelaces because the twilight zone is about to open.

When you select the innocuous looking RTC mode (Real Time Clock, says Joyetech) you will briefly see what looks like another setting option, which says number (with a sly dot next to it, beckoning you to adjust the point setting and move onto the number…).

That’s when you might think, wullawallabing, I can finally set my clock!!!!! but ALAS! You can not set it, the manual offers no explanation and you realize, maybe the Joyetech people are actual aliens, trying to cash in on a feature, while making you feel dumb at the same time. Maybe they are just clever people, who know that weirdness sells and every vaper loves a puzzle.

Actually, Joyetech kindly offered some instructions that, while a little counter-intuitive, will at least avert one existential crisis and allow you to set your clock. When inside the Clock setting screen, one first has to set the hours, then, to select, swipe back to the previous screen. Enter setting mode again and scroll on to the minute setting, then swipe back to select etc. Simple enough, one you know how it’s done.

Temp adjust is effective and easy in TC mode and, having tested it for SS, I’m confident it’s solid on Ni and Ti too.

Nevertheless, I’m sold on the touch screens actual responsiveness, in spite of those niggles. I suspect that those who are hell-bent on finding their perfect temp will make the time to do it but as far as the clock goes, I have my doubt.

Luckily, this is a vape device first and a broken clock second. I urge conspiracy theorists not to interrogate Joyetech employees about this, as it might make matters worse, as far as paranoia goes.

Let’s talk about the ProCore Air, what a great tank! It’s loud, that’s for sure…but whether you find that that good or bad is up to you.

Unlike some tanks, which are noisy when either open or drawn slight, this tank is noisy all around.Espion Solo Mod side

The vapour production and flavour with the included coils is impressive and as far as Joyetech tanks go, this is the best one they have on the market.

Unfortunately, my drip tip broke at the base after a week of use but I did put it through the motions of matchy matchying about 10 other tanks so fair play! I discovered an extra drip tip in the pack (which wasn’t mentioned on my content list, which is big and sturdy, a tall 810 like the fashion one, but thicker and far more resilient.

It really is massive though…inspiring big, long DTL hits, nothing about the airflow or mouthpiece components of this tank are suited toward MTL…only the coil, which performs well throughout an uncommonly large wattage range.

The inclusion of an MTL tip and adaptor would have gone a long way to justifying Joyetech’s use of the MTL capabilities in its advertising. You will need to make more purchases if you’d planned to use this tank for MTL, unless you have a giant face and small fingers.

How To Fill The Procore Tank

  • Push the top cap to the side opposite the drip indicator
  • Fill through the slotEspion Solo procore air tank fill

How To Change the Coil

  • Unscrew the glass from the base
  • Unscrew the coil head from the base
  • Replace

Stock Coil Performance

The included 0.4 Ohm ProCA coil really surprised me with intense vapour and just as much flavour, its also going good and strong after about 40 tank fills (because I vape as if my life depends on it).

This coil is a champion at producing incredible flavour right throughout the range and for me it’s great from 50-70W and I suggest that, if you find the vapour or flavour isn’t satisfying your tastebuds or cloud addiction sufficiently, you use the TC mode and adjust your temp.

TC is actually there for a reason, the performance range of the mod, tank and coil covers the entire range of both wattage and temperature readers, a deep web of possibilities. This coil is very much up to the task..

How To Operate the Menu System

  • 5 clicks on or off
  • Unlock button to unlock
  • Swipe right to see your settings displayed in list form
  • Swipe right to access the menu

How To Replace The batteries

  • Pop off the battery cover
  • Replace batteryEspion Solo Mod battery chamber

Battery Life

The battery life on the included 21700 is more than ample at up to 9 hours, all relative to wattage or temp settings and the amount of playing you do with the screen, which locks itself and sleeps conveniently to save power.


  • Incredibly sleek and high end aesthetic
  • Responsive and bright touchscreen
  • Large fire button
  • Great ramp time
  • Good fulll range performance on tank and mod
  • Outstanding flavour and vapour
  • Effective TC
  • Huge airflow
  • Solid magnets on battery cover that make the mod rock solid


  • The occassional, counter-intuitive adjustment method

Final Review Verdict

The Joyetech Espion Solo is a beauty, such a rock solid and ergonomic hand-feel, with the incredible build quality and smooth moving or dismantling on all components. This is the finest Joyetech Kit to date and it has a unique aesthetic that truly make it a keeper and a must-have for collectors.

I know that die-hard performance vapers might avoid the name ‘Joyetech’ but, I assure you, this kit is not the cheap ass Joyetech gear of years gone by, it’s a classic gadget that you will come to love and cherish.

Now It’s Available :

Joyetech ESPION Solo 80W with ProCore Air TC Kit

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Joyetech Espion Tour Review

Joyetech have got the Espion  band back together one more time this year and they are going on tour.  But is this tour one too many or will it be playing out to sell out crowds one final time in 2018?

Joyetech have had one hell of a year in 2018 it has to be said.  From the Espion Infinite to the Cubis Max, Joyetech have really established themselves within the market with really good quality products that dare to take risks to innovate a stagnant vaping market.  The Espion tour is the final product of this year, a mod designed like s suitcase and meant to be a great portable kit.  But does it give you holiday memories or will it be the holiday from hell?  Before we get into that, let’s go through the details.

In the Box

  • Joyetech Espion Tour Mod
  • Joyetech Cubis Max Tank
  • 2x NCFilm heating element
  • Spare parts
  • USB Cable
  • User manual


  • Size: 90x48x33mm
  • Battery: 2×18650 (not included)
  • 96in OLED display
  • Output: 220W Max
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3ohm (VW) / 0.05-1.5ohm (TC)
  • 2A quick charge
  • Firmware upgradeable

Focus On For More Vape Tank.

About the Joyetech Espion Tour

The Joyetech Espion tour aims to be both powerful and portable with a super lightweight design and fantastic coil life with the tank.  The kit comes with the amazing Cubis Max atomiser that previously came packaged with the T80 device.  The Espion tour is a dual 18650 powered device capable of firing up to 220w.  The mod is a plastic design with a clear sharp screen and side fire button. The mod comes with a 510 spring loaded pin on top.   The device comes with 2 navigation buttons below the screen and usb port for firmware and 2 amp charging (not recommended).  The batteries are behind a battery door which has magnetic connections to firmly keep the door in place to prevent any openings and comes without a battery ribbon.  The device can fit up to around 26-27mm atomisers on top shown through the increased Cubis Max not having any overhang.

Holding the two navigation buttons together locks the buttons to prevent any wattage changes and five clicks of the fire button turns the device off.  3 clicks of the fire button takes you into the menu screen where you have options such as mode, set, info and exit.  Power options with this device are variable wattage, TC and TCR with TC having Ni, SS and Ti options to choose from.  Deeper in the menu there is pre heat options, coil lock, information and battery information.

Colour Options

Espion Tour Pros

The first thing to say about the Tour is that it is extremely light, almost weightless without the tank or batteries inside.  This is served through the plastic design and although that will be subjective, it really gives this mod the portability that Joyetech have went for with this.  Even with the Cubis Max full and two 18650, the device still has very little weight to it so it does make it an ideal carrying device when you are out.  The next great thing with the mod is the screen, it is extremely clear and crisp compared to similar versions on other devices.  Information is very easy to read and the menu options are simplified enough to navigate through without getting lost.  The screen is not too cluttered with only the important information showing only.  So although it may not bring a million and one HD colours, it works as well as you would hope and very visible in daylight as well which is always a good thing.  The next pro for the kit is the fact that it comes with the Cubis Max as standard.  The idea behind the tank is incredible as previous detailed and as such, the combination of a portable device and a long lasting coil design is a perfect match.  The design of the device is quite comfortable with the fire button placed sensibly and the whole thing fitting into the palm of your hand without any sharp edges to hold onto.  The battery door is nice and solid in place without any wriggling or lift away without some force applied which is again a great thing to have.  The ridged design front and back offers grip for the palm without ever pressing into the hand, in a natural way which makes it great for carrying.

The final pro for the Espion tour is a big one, and boy does it deliver…..Battery life.  The battery life on this thing is excellent, easily outperforms any other dual 18650 device I have used to date, and that does include the drag 2 and the nova.  The batteries on this device can last over 2 days from fully charged, especially when vaping at only 40w for the Cubis Max.  I found myself charging the batteries not out of requirement but simply to put a fresh set in every 2 days, it just kept going and going.  The Joyetech chip set inside is fantastic in that regard, with the power output accurate and no performance drops either. Turning the device on and off is extremely quick as well, almost instantaneous with quick firing speed as well.

Spy Tour Cons

The first con for the device that may be a breaker for some people is the plastic design.  It is the elephant in the room and if you don’t like a plastic mod then this really won’t appeal to you.  As mentioned above, this design allows it to be light and portable but if you prefer the solid metal feel then this device won’t be for you.  The next con I found taking only my second pull on the mod, the navigation button placement.  I did find myself unknowingly turning the power up in between pulls and got a lovely 150w  hit on a 40w recommended heat film so the button lock is a must to prevent this happening again.  Another con, although again subjective is the 510 pin on top being on the right hand side of the device.  Personal preference for a device this shape is always a centralised pin so petty but I would prefer it to be centred myself.  The only other con I can think of is the time out on the menu being a little short.  You only really get around 5 seconds inactive before it takes you out the menu which is a minor inconvenience but again worth mentioning.


I honestly think this is one of the kits of the year, I really do.  If you can look at the kit in the direction it was designed to be, then the Espion tour is an absolute excellent kit to own.  The portable travel design comes with an extremely light but well performing mod, battery life best on the market, a coil system that only requires a cotton change over a 3 month lifespan on average and a well made device, albeit plastic.  If you can look past the material used for the mod, this really does deliver on its aim and for the price point, around £40, it is excellent value as well.  Admittedly when I ordered one of these I was sceptical on the design and even more so when it arrived!  But using it that first day, getting nice flavour from the tank, the batteries not even dropping half way, carrying it around etc, I soon began to realise this kits potential as a travel mod.  Even the 5.5 mil capacity on the tank at 40w lasts you a long time!

Overall, The Espion kit is really something worth picking up, Joyetech are ending 2018 with a bang and have provided probably the best performing and best value kit all year, Excelsior!

Now It’s Available :

Joyetech ESPION Tour TC 220W Kit

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Augvape BTFC RDA – two blows for a decent heap

Augvape, together with the reviewer VapnFagan, filed a new drip. According to the developers, it is suitable for those who love the taste of soaring, and also will not bypass the party and fans ponavalivat, releasing a bunch of clouds of a loved one. Let’s see what the developers decided to surprise us this time.

Augvape BTFC RDA
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
An interesting moment – on the manufacturer’s website this atomizer is listed under the “name” SKYNET SUB-OHM TANK. Error or some tricky move is not known for sure.

Case material: stainless steel
Atomizer type: RDA
Capacity: average
Diameter: 25mm
Height: 33mm ?? with Drip
Connector Type : 510, pin gold plated
Weight: unknown
Color: see photo below
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
contents – BTFC RDA
– Allen key
– Jing pin
– Spare orings
– Spare screws
– Extra drip type
– User manual The
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
exterior of the drip is somewhat angular. So, taking into account this fact, together with decent dimensions, we get a sort of “male” atomizer, which all its appearance hints at the seriousness of its intentions.
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
According to the manufacturer, the height is only 33mm, but I am inclined to believe that the developers here were notorious, and such a value – 33mm – takes place without the type of drip installed.
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
The color scheme does not shine with a special variety – the most popular coloring is realized.
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
Drip type 810th, made of Delrin. In height, it is pretty decent.
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
He sits in the top cap, at the base of which there are two pairs of oblong holes. This type of blowing, by the way, not directed at an angle to the deck, will be responsible for the “wild” pile. Adjustment is achieved by rotating the cap relative to the side skirt. True, they did not envisage a single risochka, so as not to spoil their “perfect” appearance.
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
The side skirt is rich at once with six air intakes. So in its upper part there are four paired holes of the already familiar profile. But at the very base there are two fairly wide openings. The adjustment of the second blower is realized by rotating the skirt relative to the deck.
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
The deck is four-post, designed for two spirals, the fixation of the latter is correct.
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
In each of the racks can be seen in one hole bottom blowing. And here, as for me, there is not the most pleasant moment – the inner border of these holes is located directly under the center of the coil. As you know, this is where the hot spot is located, which should be blown first. The conclusions are clear. However, in reality this moment can be leveled, although this is unlikely.
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
The bath is not small, but separate, there is a squared pin in the box.
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
Both pins are gilded and perform sufficiently.
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...
Augvape BTFC RDA - two blows for a decent heap ...

Now It’s Available :

Augvape BTFC RDA

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Smoant Ranker 218W Mod | Review

Smoant Ranker 218W Mod Review

SMOK Mag 225W Kit

Smoant impressed us with the release of the Cylon 218. It came with a new and improved chip and a premium looking ergonomic design.

The one thing that did disappoint a little was the fact it was only a dual 18650 and not 20700 device. So we were pretty excited to take a look at the larger framed Ranker and expected a dual 2X700 device.

Alas, that was not the case……But let’s see how the ‘Ranker’ ranks against other dual 18650 devices.

The Good

Solid device, with a good color display and impressive performing new board from Smoant.

The Bad

It’s big….really big, especially for a dual 18650 device. Slightly wobbly firebar and the angle of the display can get annoying.

The Bottom Line

I’m not sure who would choose the Ranker over the Cylon. It’s a bulkier device, with a smaller 510 plate and a lopsided screen. However, it does have the impressive ANT218 V2 board which performs well.

Smoant Ranker 218W Mod | Review
1Design & Build Quality

The Smoant Ranker is a beast, it measures in at 60mm x 31.5mm x 92mm and is made primarily out of zinc alloy. It comes in three different color options – black, tarnish and camo.

It’s hard to do this review without comparing the Ranker to it’s more premium looking and slender sibling – the Cylon. My opinion on the Cylon was that it’s quite large for a dual 18650 device, but the Ranker is considerably bulkier. So much more so that I find it quite cumbersome to hold and use.

The inclusion of a firebar instead of a classic fire button (like on the Cylon) goes some way to making it easier to operate. It can be fired in either hand, but it seems it was designed for left-handed vapers in mind. However, I had no issue firing it in my right hand, as the firebar gets activated as I squeeze it against my palm. But it is something to consider if you like your fire button on the other side.

Smoant Ranker 218W Mod

The firebar itself is nice and clicky, but there’s quite an irritating wobble to the one on our device. It seems to creak and shift every time I grip the mod.

For the rest of the build quality, the Ranker almost matches up with the Cylon. Everything from the battery door to the leather inserts is well implemented. However, there are a couple of bizarre and frustrating design choices.

Firstly, due to angled firebar and other slanted design cues, Smoant decided to place the display at an angle. For anybody with OCD like me, who like their mods to look symmetrical – this will drive you crazy.

However, that’s not the only difference I noticed with the screen. It also seems a lot dimmer than the one on the Cylon, even when the brightness is set to 100%. It’s possibly due to the perspex covering of the screen, but it’s definitely not as punchy and impressive.

Smoant Ranker 218W Mod

My other mine gripe with the Ranker is the 510 plate. It is a solid 510 plate well-constructed plate, but unlike the large centered one on the Cylon, Smoant has gone with a smaller plate on a larger device. This is due to the angled top section of the mod (much like the Smok Mag 225W), they have had to put it on a raised platform. Which means you can only fit up to 25mm atomizers, anything larger and the overhang will look awkward. I’m all for designs being different, but not at the cost of practicality.

Looks aside everything under the shell of the Ranker is the same as the Cylon. They are powered by the same Ant218 v2 chip, with a maximum power output of 218W, with exactly the same menu system and features. They are also both powered by the same type of battery – 18650.

This is where it gets extremely frustrating…

Smoant Ranker 218W Mod

Although I was a little harsh on Smoant for not making the Cylon 20700 compatible, the Ranker leaves me even more peeved. If you take a look at the huge wedge of dead space next to the battery compartment, and also take into equation the gigantic size of the device, it makes no sense whatsoever why Smoant didn’t just make it 20700 or 21700compatible.

It seems like a massive missed opportunity, especially when you compare this device to the Cylon (with all the same features), it makes the Ranker kind of redundant.

In essence, the only reason you should buy the Ranker over the Cylon is if you like bulkier devices or have oversized hands.

Smoant Ranker 218W Mod

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The Board

The Ranker comes with the same ANT218 V2 chip as the Cylon, so for more detail on the board and performance check out that review here.

However, in summary, it is an extremely good board, which is feature-rich and comes with a full temperature control suite and Curve modes – It also hits pretty instantly.

Smoant Ranker 218W Mod
2Specs & Features

Smoant Ranker Mod Features and Specs:

  • Size: 60mmx31.5mmx92mm
  • Takes 2X 18650 battery
  • Display: 1.35 inch TFT color screen
  • Big & Responsive fire button
  • Output range: 1 – 218 W
  • Output modes: VW / VW Curves / Temp (Ni, Ti, SS) / TCR / TC Curves
  • Resistance range: 0.05 – 2.0 Ohm for Temp / TCR mode / TC Curves
  • 0.1-5.0 Ohm for VW / VW Curves
  • Temperature control: 100 – 315°C / 200 – 600°F
  • Two different UI available to choose
  • Firmware upgradeable (pls download the software at
  • Reverse protection/ Over-heating protection/ Low voltage protection/ Overload/Short-circuit protection/ Over-time protection
  • Color: Black, Tarnish and Camo

Smoant Ranker Mod Package includes:

  • 1X Smoant Ranker Mod
  • 1X USB charge & Update cable
  • 1X User manual
  • 1X Warning card
Smoant Ranker 218W Mod
3Features & Performance

The only thing from keeping me really going to town with my frustration about the design choices with this device is the performance of the board.

As with the Cylon, it performs admirably in both power and TC mode.


  • Good build quality
  • Large color screen
  • High-quality leather
  • Fires instantly
  • Great TC
  • Curve modes
  • TCR
  • Easy menu system
  • 2 amp Charging
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Solid battery door


  • Very large device
  • No 20700 battery compatibility
  • Dim screen
  • Wobbly firebar
  • Can only fit 25mm atomizers with no overhang
  • Angled screen can be annoying (subjective)

I just don’t personally see the point of this device. There are far better ergonomic dual 18650 mods, especially one with the same excellent chipset – the Cylon.

The only thing that would’ve made the Ranker worthwhile in my opinion is if it accommodated 2X700 batteries.

Now that’s not me knocking manufacturers for using the same boards in different designed housing. We all have our own tastes, and it’s good that companies tailor to that with their designs.

But when a manufacturer comes out with two large devices in quick succession and misses the current trend in the market, and what vapers are calling for in larger battery capacity – it’s a bad move.

Basically, the Ranker is a bigger, clumsier version of the Cylon with a firing bar, which fits smaller atomizers – it’s like the Smok Mag & Majesty had a baby, but with a better board.

The Ranker is not a bad device. But my advice is to go buy the Cylon 218 instead.

Now It’s Available :

Smoant Cylon 218W TC/VW/TCR Mod

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