Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit Review

The Freemax Gemm Starter Kit is the latest release from a brand that have recently produced some top quality tanks and kits. Namely the Freemax Twister and the Freemax Mesh Pro tank.

Freemax Gemm 80w Main HeaderI received the Gemm Starter Kit in black but the kit does come in four other colours. Knowing Freemax and how well the original Twister Kit sold, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you got some of those funky retro designs at a later date.

Freemax Gemm 80W ColoursWhat Can We Expect From the Freemax Gemm Kit?

The Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit comes with a sizeable inbuilt 2900mAh battery in a small and very lightweight body and offers 40W, 60W and 80W output levels. Sitting atop the battery is the Gemm disposable Tank.

It’s an excellent size, lightweight, portable and a great starter kit for vape beginnersor a great carry round for established vapers. One things for sure, you certainly don’t need to worry about your tank glass breaking!

All the disposable Tanks you get with the kit, or that you buy later, have a new diamond mesh structure and come with 90% Tea Fiber!

The Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit was sent to me for the purposes of review. As always, I will give you my own, honest opinion of this product after a lengthy testing period.

What’s in the Box?

  • Gemm 80W Mod
  • Freemax Gemm Disposable Tank G2 Mesh Coil 0.2ohm 40-80W
  • Freemax Gemm Disposable Tank G1 Mesh Coil 0.15ohm 40-80W
  • Spare Rubber Bungs
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warning/Safety Card
  • Warranty Card

Freemax Gemm Kit ContentsFeatures

Gemm Mod

  • Haight (without Tank): 80.3mm
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Battery: 2900 mAh (Internal)
  • Output Wattage levels: 40 – 60 – 80 Watts
  • Output Voltage: 0 – 4.2 Volts
  • Output Current Range: 0A – 42A
  • Resistance Range: 0.1 – 3.0 ohm
  • Wattage Adjustment: 3 clicks to change

Gemm Disposable Tank

  • Height: 51.35mm (non TPD) – 42.55mm (TPD Version)
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Freemax Gemm Disposable Tank G2 Mesh Coil 0.2ohm 40-80W
  • Freemax Gemm Disposable Tank G1 Mesh Coil 0.15ohm 40-80W
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • Capacity: 5ml/4ml (Non TPD) – 2ml (TPD version)

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Design and Build Quality

Freemax Gemm 80W Mod

The Gemm is a very simple, tube style vape Mod. It has power settings to suit all types, except off course, the high wattage vaper, but then, this is a starter kit so why would it.

Freemax Gemm CloseIt’s a very simple design and very lightweight for a mod with a 2900mAh battery built in.

Despite the weight, the mod itself certainly doesn’t feel cheap or like it would fall apart with a strong gust of wind.

There is ample battery venting on the bottom of the Mod should anything overheat inside.

Freemax Gemm 80W Battery VentingThe build quality is excellent, the finish is superb. The kit is portable and sits in the hand with ease. The size makes for easy carrying in your pocket or bag.

The device itself is finished very nicely, no sharp corners or awkward protruding edges and not a hint of a rattle anywhere.

Fire Button

The fire button on this device is ideally placed to be used with either the finger or the thumb.

Freemax Gemm Button PlacementYou press the button to instantly fire the device and five quick presses powers on and off the device.

By pressing the fire button three times, you can change the wattage output to either 40W, 60W or 80W depending on which tank you have fitted.

Freemax Gemm Fire Button Function

In addition to this, you have the LED intelligent light indicator to notify you of the battery level.

  • Green – 65 to 100%
  • Yellow – 30 to 65%
  • Red – 0 to 30%

Freemax Gemm LED Indicator

Freemax Gemm Tank

Ok, there is one thing that smacks you right in the kisser about this tank, it’s disposable, you simply vape it and throw it away.

Whilst I could go on about the whys and wherefores about climate change and saving the planet, I won’t because this is a vaping review. I’ll leave it upto you to decide if disposables are a yes or no.

For sheer ease of use and no messing, this tank is superb. What with the ease of use and paired with one of the superb Freemax coils, you are on to the flavour train for sure. I said that didn’t I, “flavour train” SMH.

Freemax Gemm Tank Close

The tank works well, it’s well designed with good airflow. There is nothing you can lose or smash off this tank except for maybe the rubber bung that is used to plug the juice port at the top, but you get spare ones of those.

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Tea Fiber Cotton Coils

This is a patented design from Freemax that feature 90% Tea Fiber cotton (not heard of this before) and 10% Organic cotton mix. The coil is a diamond mesh pattern.

Freemax Gemm Tea Fiber Cotton

They say it’s delivered from 100% natural tea tree leaves, with a clean and healthy tea fragrance to refresh your flavours.

I say, who am I to argue. I mean, everyone loves tea right?

Freemax Gemm Tank Tea LeavesIt’s said that this combination has been designed to provide a super smooth vape with and give you a fresher taste.

Well, I certainly wouldn’t argue with that! But more on the performance down below.

First, let’s have a quick look at how we fill the tank.

How To Fill The Freemax Gemm Tank

To fill these tanks up is an absolute breeze

  • Lift up the rubber bung
  • You will be met by a small ish fill port
  • Replace bung and vape away

Filling the Freemax Gemm TankFreemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit

So, the Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit is a tube Mod. A tube mod with an inbuilt 2900mAh battery.

Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit breakdown

Again, just like the Freemax Twister, I can see this being a big winner.

It’s faultless in it’s mere basicness (is that even a word?). This is mainly aimed at a vaper who is at the beginning of their vaping journey. That being said, I would see this being used by even the most seasoned vapers that want something small, light and portable.

You aren’t going to smash the tank and I can imagine the main body of the device will stand up to a bit of a battering.

You will get people who won’t even consider this device because of the disposable tank “think of the planet”. But it is what it is and does it’s job superbly.

How does the Freemax Gemm 80 Starter Kit Perform?

The kit performs very well indeed. No messy settings to trawl through, three wattage settings to suit most vapers needs and no temperature control or other menu settings.

As you would expect, you get all the regular protections you need.

Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit Protestion

Battery Life

I got around four hours of vape time from the 2900mAh battery using the highest setting at 80W. Now I don’t think that is bad at all.

Super super easy to use, no messing about changing coils. Just use your tank and wait until the flavour drops off, unscrew, throw away and get another tank. As easy as that.

Flavour and Vapour Production

Again, Freemax have knocked this out of the park with flavour. Both tanks used have been top quality, they really have.

Now they have thrown these tea leaves into the equation, they seem to have stretched the ceiling when it comes to flavour that little bit more.

Again, testing the Gemm Tank against some of my favourite RTA tanks it matches some and in some cases, beats them.

Cloud production isn’t bad if that’s your bag. You can, if your lungs are big enough, throw out some pretty big cloudage.

The main tank I used for testing was the G2 Mesh Coil 0.2ohm 40-80W. It’s coming up to two weeks now, vaping daily and I am still getting excellent flavour from it.

G1 Mesh Coil 0.15ohm 40-80W

Freemax Gemm G1 Mesh Tank

As you can see, the G1 coil is the single coil from the Freemax Gemm Tank range.

I vaped Lemonz Cloudy Mutha in this at 60 VG 40PG. The flavour is as good now as when I started nearly two weeks ago though I admit, I have used the G2 coil more, as you will see from the pictures.

There is no hint of a dry hit when chain vaping. The coil head remains moist all the time without a problem.

G2 Mesh Coil 0.2ohm 40-80W

Freemax Gemm G2 Tank

As you can see, the G2 coil is a dual coil tank from the Freemax Gemm range.

This one is certainly looking a little worse for wear but I have really hammered it throughout my two weeks testing. The flavour is still the same now as when I first started.

How long it remains, we shall see.

I used a Flavour Boss (DIY Liquid) Super Manchee Black Edition mixed at 80VG 20PG.

Again, no dry hits after chain vaping. It really has been a pleasure to vape.

Below you can see the full range of Freemax Gemm Tanks that will be available. I certainly can’t wait to try the triple mesh coil G3 Gemm Tank.

Freemax Gemm Tank Coil SelectionPros

  • Great build quality
  • First class Flavour
  • Easy to use
  • Quick firing Mod
  • Small tube Size
  • Good Battery Life


  • Small fill port

Final Review Verdict

I’ve loved testing the Freemax Gemm 80W Starter Kit, I really have. On receiving this I thought, oh, it’s another starter kit but I can honestly say it’s been a pleasure.

The kit has pretty decent battery life and adequate settings for a new vaper or as an out and about carry.

Although the Gemm Tanks are throw away plastic, I could not have been happier with them, the flavour really is top notch and the only way for you to find out would be to buy some, but, take my word for it, top notch!

Did you buy the Freemax Gemm kit? What did you think? disposable your thing? Let us know in the comments below.

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GeekVape Zeus X RTA Review

Today I have an interesting guest who has already reincarnated many times and has a decent army of fans. I must admit that the last experience with his brothers was a long time ago, however, I still try to compare them a little. 

Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
Case material: stainless steel 
Atomizer type: RTA 
Capacity: 3.5 / 4.5ml 
Diameter: 25mm landing / 26.5mm maximum / 29mm dough glass 
Height: 43mm with dark drip type / 39mm without drip type 
Connector: 510, pin is gilded 
Weight: 61g 
Color: see photo below 
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
– Zeus X RTA 
– pre-wired spirals 2pcs
– cotton 2 laces 
– hexagon 
wrench – screwdriver key 
– spare origins 
– spare screws 
– spare glass 
– additional 810th drip type 
– adapter for 510th drip types 
– user manual 
– certificates, etc. 

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Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
I can not say about the package – It’s just gorgeous, there is everything to start, as well as for the small-scale customization of the tank. 

Our guest looks decent. I don’t even know why, but I liked it. It is likely that the impression is now smoothed out by the rounded, unlike its predecessors, lid geometry, as well as a very original pre-installed drip type.
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
Dimensions in width are decent, especially with dough glass. And even without it, when you hold it in your hand, it seems that it is something solid, powerful. Accordingly, the weight of the device turned out to be somewhat large. On light modes, it can outweigh, although it is unlikely to happen with the two-janitor, for which he is most likely designed. 
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
Dripe types two, both 810th landing. One is made of delrin, the second of the ultem, the latter is slightly higher. Although I liked the dark version more visually, it collects much more condensate than its translucent counterpart. An adapter for the 510s was also installed, but I don’t know why it is needed here.
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
The cover is quite massive, the locking mechanism is half-turning. It’s easy to get in, for convenience there are mild risks. Under the cover there are two small holes for refueling. You see how they are recessed below the edges of the tank, and the shaft rises inside, so the nozzles of the bottles do not penetrate directly into the holes, hovering above them. I will not say that this creates difficulties when refueling, but it was probably not worth lowering them so low. Naturally, the blame is on the cover design. 
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
Tightening adjustment ring with stopper, it is removable. The move is quite tight, although there are risks. Therefore, inadvertently, by adjusting the airflow, you can open the lid. I will not call this moment critical, since it happens quite rarely, at least for me. The size of the air inlets is 13 x 2mm.
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
The puff turned out sooo free, I covered it a little more than half. And I would like to cover more, but then the steam is very hot and the taste is lost. 

The tank capacity is not the greatest, it can be increased due to the complete dough of glass. And even with it, the tank eats jelly decently, it is understandable, nevertheless, two spirals. 
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
As you understand, the impenetrable construct of our hero obliges him to have a double dome. Internal processing of the latter under the cone. The shaft diameter is approximately 7.5 mm, and the diameter of the dome at the base is 17 mm. It is inserted into the larger one and fixed by the oring, but remains movable to rotate the base when it is wound. On its sidewall there are three rows of holes, so the lower two rows are beaten on the side of the coil, and the upper one is obtained, as it were, from above – at an angle to the deck.
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
I think many zevosovody will again begin to lament about the extra holes. In part, I agree – in the upper row, it seemed, it was better to leave not five, but three holes. Why don’t I remove them at all, I don’t know, I also thought so in the first photo, but I changed my mind after the tests. More on that later. 
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
The deck is quite simple and almost easy to maintain.
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
Two racks rise above it for the correct fixation of two spirals. The screws are pre-installed under the slot, two more sets are spare – one of them is for the complete hexagon. The distance between the respective screws is 7mm. There are special recesses under the racks in order to cut off the legs of the coils after installation. Yes, this can be done, but, firstly, it is not particularly convenient, and secondly, the sting of your nippers must be very sharp and thin in order to crawl into this gap. Near the racks, two keys are visible, which are combined with the recesses on the inner dome and rotate it when turning the base.
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
To make a tank narrow is a trifling matter, but there is one point. It is inconvenient to tag along the airflow openings, since if you pull it, then inside, through small openings, not a damn thing is visible. Therefore, it will be necessary to apply it from the side, since it will be necessary to do so once or twice. Again, the dome design is limited to setting the position of the spiral. The lower blowing holes are pounded above the very top of the struts, then it turns out that the upper ones beat exactly on top of the spiral. It is impossible to make the latter fall at least at the center of the spiral, because the dome is already starting to narrow. You can, of course, push the coils closer to the center of the deck, but then they significantly move away from the airflow. In short, I chose a neutral position, in which the lower ones on the bottom, the central ones in the center, and the upper ones, whatever one may say, on top – the captain is obvious, isn’t it)
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
The holes for laying cotton seemed to me average, and I decently combed the cotton. However, after that he even walked in them a little. So here, it seems to me, everything is fine – there is enough space for cotton with two spirals. 
Naturally, you have to leave rather long ends, since the racks are significantly elevated from the bottom of the base. At the same time, I did not observe absolutely any fluid starvation, perhaps between the puffs the cotton wool is not wetted very quickly – it is not critical.
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
The flavor of the tank is decent, I’ll immediately reassure fans of Zeus – as it seems to me, this is the most successful instance in the line, including the taste. He lays out the ingredients on the liquid, of course, not like a drip, but it is understandable. Moreover, the dilution of steam is almost not felt. That is why I made a reservation about the extra holes in the dome. It seems to me that they almost do not interfere, but without them the taste was probably a little brighter, but the bulk probably suffered, because here it is decent. At the same time, the tank cap does not heat up at all (thanks to the non-spill design), so you can not worry about your lips when using a low-profile complete drip type. 
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
The pin is gilded and performs decently. 
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
Impressions of use
I quite liked the tank, although recently I have moved away from the use of double-stranded specimens. It is assembled perfectly – there is absolutely nothing to complain about. The deck is still convenient to maintain, and the equipment is cool. Well, and the traditional cherries for him will be an impenetrable construct, design and decent flavor. 
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
First of all, I will recommend it to fans of the Zeus line – maybe you will finally find your Zen with this (next) novelty. I can safely recommend it to other lovers of double-spiral tanks, because this is a pretty decent copy in almost all respects. 

Price $ 26 
Feel ???  - GeekVape Zeus X RTA ...
Why buy

  1. Constructive spill
  2. Design (IMHO)
  3. Decent flavor
  4. Equipment
  5. Price

Why you should think before buying

  1. A bit heavy
  2. Difficult to position the coils during installation

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Rincoe Mechman 228W Kit Review


The design of the battery pack sends us a little to the popular Drag 157W and Drag 2 , which is a plus among most blown plastic devices. Consider the whale in more detail.


Michman box mod, clearomizer with 0.25 ohm evaporator installed, additional 0.2 ohm vaporizer, additional bubble glass, a set of origins, charging cable, instructions.


Mod sizes

Height: 90 mm, 
Width: 54 mm, 
Thickness: 29 mm


Tank dimensions

Height: 36 mm, 
Diameter: 25 mm on landing (28 mm near the glass), 
Volume: 4.5 ml


Power range: 1 – 228 watts (200 F – 600 F or 100 C – 300 C for working with thermal monitoring), 
Supported resistance: 0.08 – 5.0 Ohms, 
Thermal monitoring support for stainless steel, titanium, nickel, 
Maximum charge current: 2 A.

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Box mod review

The mod is made of zinc alloy and is available in two colors: steel and black. A separate feature of the Michman vape is removable panels with colorful prints, which can be purchased separately or even created with your own design.


types of interchangeable panels with different prints

The panels themselves are made of leatherette and zinc alloy. To change, you will need to unscrew the 4 screws under the asterisk. Another panel made of steel hides a compartment for 18650 batteries.


Located on top of the 510 connector. The site is designed for planting atomizers up to 25-26 mm.


On the front side there is a Fire button, made in the form of a trigger, a screen, plus and minus buttons, a USB connector for charging and updating the firmware. The Fire button has a nice relatively tight move and a nice click.


Below are the gas outlet openings. In order to change the batteries, you need to pick up the lid from the bottom using a special recess. The lid rests on a pair of neodymium magnets, and does not particularly play, although there are specimens with such a problem.


On the inside there is also a rubber spacer to protect against batteries with damaged insulation.

The batteries inside are pretty tight and don’t hang out if the mod is shaken badly. There is a ribbon for easy extraction. When handled carefully, the battery braid will not break.

Board functionality

Turning the device on and off by pressing the Fire button five times. On a monochrome screen, which will consume less energy compared to a color display, we see the information and the charge of each battery, the selected mode of operation, power, puff timer, atomizer resistance and supply voltage.


Up to 100 watts, adjustment takes place at 0.1 watts, and after 100 – one at a time. 
To change the operating mode, you must press the Fire button three times and switch using the plus and minus buttons. 
Varivatt, bypass, nickel, titanium, stainless steel and TCR temperature control modes are available to us. To adjust the power in thermal control mode, you must hold down the Fire and minus buttons until the power value blinks. 
By pressing and holding all three buttons, you can lock the resistance value. 
If you hold down the plus and minus buttons, you can block them, while the Fire button will continue to work.


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Review Mechman Mesh Tank

Above is a rubber 810 drip tip in two origins. Therefore, to replace it will have to look for just such. Above is the familiar refueling system in the form of a cover that slides to the side, which sits quite tightly.


The filling hole is quite wide, so there are no problems with many bottles. There is also a silicone spacer around the hole to protect against depressurization.



When disassembling the atomizer, the glass is held between the base and the lid with the air using a replaceable evaporator. If anything happens to the glass, there is a spare in the kit. Initially, an evaporator is installed in the tank on the network, with a resistance of 0.25 Ohms for 40-60 watts.

The blow hole is quite wide. The 0.2 Ohm evaporator, which is additionally included, is equipped with two grid spirals for operation from 50 to 80 watts.


The airflow holes are slightly smaller, but are generally comparable with the first option. At the base is a ring for adjusting the airflow and two air intake openings. The pin is gilded, it sticks out not well enough, therefore the atomizer is not recommended for use on mechanical mods with a hybrid connector.

When using an evaporator on a grid with a power of 65 watts on a fully open airflow, a good amount of steam is obtained.

The puff is quite pleasant and the taste is also good for this type of evaporator.

On an evaporator with one network at 65 watts, it feels that there is a lot of air for such a winding, but the taste is quite acceptable.

If you block the blowing by half and reduce the power to 50 watts, the situation becomes a little better. But because of the giant vent hole in the evaporator, there’s still a lot of air for my taste.


Usage Reviews

Mechman 228W mod as a whole turned out to be quite convenient to use. The weight feels good in the hand, the Fire button is comfortable and pleasant to use. Functionality can be called familiar and familiar. A complete atomizer does not stand out especially, while it is quite suitable for use for the first time. Perhaps someone will be unhappy with the lack of information on the number of puffs or adjusting the preheating of the spirals. But for me personally, the functional board was enough for unpretentious use for every day.

Cons and pros


– On some copies there is a backlash of the battery cover,

– Condensation leaks slightly under the cover,

– Under the bright sun, the screen is almost invisible, the backlight is rather dim,

– Due to the design of the lower part, the mod sways slightly with vertical setting,


– The possibility of customization thanks to a removable door,

– Easy-to-use board with familiar board modes,

– An interesting design that stands out from the crowd

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SMOK Mag 225W Kit Review: The Pistol Grip Box Mod

I got to give it up to SMOK for designing their new SMOK Mag 225W box mod in the mould of the most obvious thing you should model your box mod on – a pistol-grip. It makes sense, doesn’t it? What other piece of modern machinery also needs to keep in mind the way it is held by its user, and needs to make sure that it is comfortable and portable to be carried around?

The answer to that question becomes clear once you lay your eyes on the Mag 225W. Not only is the source of SMOKTech’s inspiration evident from the product title of the Mag 225W, but again, there’s no mistaking what the designers at SMOKTech wanted to recreate with the Mag 225W.

SMOK MAG 225W Review

The form of the Mag most definitely resembles the grip of a modern pistol, with the Mag’s firing button right where the trigger would be on a real gun. And taking the gun-design even further, SMOK included a unique flower-shaped mechanism right next to the trigger button that unlocks the bottom-loading battery door.

You press the button and the battery doors pop open, revealing the box where you load your two 18650 batteries into and then pop back into your SMOK mod. Similar to what? Yes, like loading the cartridge of a real gun.

The entire mod, however, is covered by a high-definition OLED screen, which I must say, SMOK has become the master of recently. Their screens and the information displayed on them are always bright and crisp.

Another area in which SMOK has proven itself of late has been in the awesomeness of their tanks and coils, and by “awesomeness” I don’t only mean how well they work, but just their real size and cloud-making potential.

The Mag, being a high-powered box mod, of course, comes with the TFV12 Prince sub-ohm tank, and two coil options that appeal to both the cloud-chaser in all of use, but also flavor fiends.

Box of the Mag

Here’s what you’ll find inside your SMOK Mag 225W kit:

  • One Mag mod
  • One TFV12 Prince tank
  • One V12-Q4 0.4ohm quadruple coil
  • One V12-T10 0.12ohm decuple coil
  • One spare glass tube
  • One USB charging/upgrade cable
  • One instruction booklet
  • One screwdriver
  • One bag of spare parts
Made Ready To Shoot That Vapor

So, yeah, the SMOK Mag 225W looks like a gun. That is the first thing that hits you over the head, like the butt of a gun, about the SMOK Mag 225W. That and the fact that the SMOK Mag 225W is rather heavy.

It comes in at a brawny 265g, and that’s without adding the batteries or the tank. Plus the fact that the entire outer casing of the Mag is a zinc alloy, it was most assuredly going to be packing on the pounds. But the extra weight and heft of the Mag are not to its detriment.

For a machine this powerful and designed to look like a killing implement you would expect it to be a little heavier than most. The other notable feature of the Mag is the OLED screen that takes up most of the rest of the mod. SMOK usually hits it out of the park when it comes to the OLED displays that rival most HDTV’s in their clarity and brightness and that is the case with the Mag.

The 510 connection at the top of the device is spring-loaded and although its diameter measures 28mm, it can easily and comfortably accommodate a tank even 30mm in diameter. The trigger on the Mag 225W fires beautifully, and it is only one of the many gun-like features on the Mag that make it a dream to handle.

The designers at SMOKTech have displayed an astonishing amount of vigor in fine-tuning the smallest details on the Mag’s outer design. There are curves and textured grips galore. Each side of the mod features a thumb-groove so even southpaw vapers can feel at ease when holding the mod.

At the top right of the OLED screen, you’ll see the other feature of the Mag that mimics a gun – the release button for the battery box. When you press down (hard, it doesn’t release easily) on the button, the bottom-loading battery door pops open and spits out the battery clip, which then lets you install two 18650 batteries.

Embedded within the OLED screen are two up/down selector buttons, and beneath those buttons you’ll also find your USB charging port. Battery vent holes can be found along the spine of the device, as well as running underneath the 510 connection.

Now, I already reviewed the TFV12 Cloud Beast King sub-ohm tank, and the Prince version doesn’t seem to be much removed from its royal father. It does have a more substantial e-juice capacity at an enormous 8ml, which can be added to the tank if you install the separate convex glass tube that raises the capacity from 5ml to 8ml. There’s also a convenient release button on the outer part of the top cap that ensures an easier time of filling the tank.

How To Fire It Up

The SMOK Mag 225W sports a new chipset in its insides only I don’t know exactly what this new chipset adds to the SMOK Mag’s bag of tricks. All the vaping and output modes are the same ones available on most other SMOK mods like temperature and wattage control, and memory mode.

So regarding vaping styles, there’s not much innovation in the SMOK Mag 225W. Apart from that, though, the SMOK does feature a very straightforward interface. The reduced amount of vaping modes inversely makes the Mag that much easier to use.

You press the firing button five times to turn the device on, and then you’ll see the main menu display on the OLED screen. The main menu reads out all your essential vaping information like wattage, coil resistance, voltage, vaping timer, and voltage.

Three additional clicks of the firing button let you access a new menu from the three vaping modes: temperature mode, wattage mode, and memory mode. And one thing I did notice about using the SMOK Mag 225W was how responsive all the buttons were. There was no waiting or holding of buttons to access a specific adjustable feature.

Bang Bang I Vaped You Down

The TFV12 Prince sub-ohm tank came installed with a V12-Q4, which was a coil option that was available with the TFV12 Cloud Beast King and it was the best coil to pair with that tank, in my opinion. I didn’t expect the performance to be that much different with the Prince version of this sub-ohm tank and it wasn’t.

I slapped on the bubble tank to the Prince to get an extra e-juice boost, and I filled it up with some Banana Cream Pie from the Vape Dudes. I left the mod in its default wattage mod, and kept the Q4 close to the top of its recommended wattage range of between 40-80W, at 70W. The flavor was awesome, and the vapor relatively warm and pleasing to taste.

Switching out the coil for the ten-coiled vaping monster, the V12-T10 coil did bring me higher up the cloud-making ladder. But since the maximum wattage output on the T10 is only 110W, it wasn’t possible to go all the way to 225W.

But, after vaping with the two stock coil options, there was no need to get to that level of power output. Both coils worked amazingly, and I got more than enough satisfaction for my taste buds as well as witnessing the birth of several cloud monsters.

The SMOK Mag 225W vs. Others: That Was Close

When it came time to make a comparison, I thought about one high-wattage device that I reviewed recently that I really liked, the Aspire Speeder. It doesn’t get all the way to 225W, but I only vaped on the SMOK Mag at close to 110W, so I wasn’t looking to make a power comparison.

The Speeder, despite its catchy title, is somewhat dour and lifeless regarding its design. It’s all-black, and colorless like it was going to a funeral. But, underneath all that seriousness, there was a serious, cloud-making device.

The A3 and A5 coils that came in the Speeder kit were some of the best coils I’ve ever had the pleasure of vaping on; they delivered amazing cloud quality, in both flavor and size. But for cloud size and cloud taste, it is hard to beat the V12-Q4.

It’s four coils, and spacious airflow slots made it a great flavor and cloud producer. And paired with the Mag’s high-wattage capabilities, the two together made sweet vaping music. This compare is a tough one, so I’m going to have to get superficial.

I liked the Aspire Speeder’s performance, but its look and design did not make me think of “speed” or a fast-moving device of any sort; I thought more of donkey’s behind. The Mag, while obviously modeled on a gun grip, is not just a “mod that looks like a gun.”

The model was the right one to follow, and the ergonomic design is beautifully done, well-detailed, and makes the Mag a perfect mod in terms of durability and functionality. The Mag wins this one just on the merits of its attractive but also utilitarian design.

What’s So Special About It

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It would be easy to be put-off by the Mag’s look and design. I know I was, initially. But when I held the device in my hand, all my doubts just vanished. It made perfect sense. The grip felt great, and the zinc alloy construction gave it a reassuring heft.


The Mag’s build is more functional than attractive. I wouldn’t call it the greatest-looking device, but in terms of quality and knowing that the mod will last and perform well, then the Mag has that and more.

Easy to use

The Mag has a simple interface, and the lack of different vaping modes means there’s no confusion over finding the best modes for you and adjusting it to your specific tastes.

Any Cons?

Gun design

I’m not a huge fan of guns (as you could probably tell). What that has to do with the SMOK Mag 225W mod kit? I know it made sense to model a mod around a gun grip, since, what else has such excellent hold?

So, this con isn’t a “con” in the sense that it was something about the device’s performance or functionality. It’s incredibly subjective on my part, but it hit me hard enough that I felt I had to mention it.

Yes Or No

The SMOK Mag 225W kit is a step-up for SMOK, who’s had some notable misfires in the past. Their recent devices, however, seem to have righted their path and shone some much needed positive light on the SMOKTech brand.

I was impressed by the pistol-grip design that I thought would just be ridiculous. But the feeling was believing, and just from the first few moments of holding the mod convinced me that this was the way to go. It was a natural choice.

The OLED screen was another highlight and yet another thing that SMOKTech is always getting right. The Prince tank and the V12-Q4 coil made thick, beautiful clouds and the taste of my Banana Cream Pie was on point.

I give the SMOK Mag 225W kit an 8/10.

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