Rincoe Mechman 228W Kit Review


The design of the battery pack sends us a little to the popular Drag 157W and Drag 2 , which is a plus among most blown plastic devices. Consider the whale in more detail.


Michman box mod, clearomizer with 0.25 ohm evaporator installed, additional 0.2 ohm vaporizer, additional bubble glass, a set of origins, charging cable, instructions.


Mod sizes

Height: 90 mm, 
Width: 54 mm, 
Thickness: 29 mm


Tank dimensions

Height: 36 mm, 
Diameter: 25 mm on landing (28 mm near the glass), 
Volume: 4.5 ml


Power range: 1 – 228 watts (200 F – 600 F or 100 C – 300 C for working with thermal monitoring), 
Supported resistance: 0.08 – 5.0 Ohms, 
Thermal monitoring support for stainless steel, titanium, nickel, 
Maximum charge current: 2 A.

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Box mod review

The mod is made of zinc alloy and is available in two colors: steel and black. A separate feature of the Michman vape is removable panels with colorful prints, which can be purchased separately or even created with your own design.


types of interchangeable panels with different prints

The panels themselves are made of leatherette and zinc alloy. To change, you will need to unscrew the 4 screws under the asterisk. Another panel made of steel hides a compartment for 18650 batteries.


Located on top of the 510 connector. The site is designed for planting atomizers up to 25-26 mm.


On the front side there is a Fire button, made in the form of a trigger, a screen, plus and minus buttons, a USB connector for charging and updating the firmware. The Fire button has a nice relatively tight move and a nice click.


Below are the gas outlet openings. In order to change the batteries, you need to pick up the lid from the bottom using a special recess. The lid rests on a pair of neodymium magnets, and does not particularly play, although there are specimens with such a problem.


On the inside there is also a rubber spacer to protect against batteries with damaged insulation.

The batteries inside are pretty tight and don’t hang out if the mod is shaken badly. There is a ribbon for easy extraction. When handled carefully, the battery braid will not break.

Board functionality

Turning the device on and off by pressing the Fire button five times. On a monochrome screen, which will consume less energy compared to a color display, we see the information and the charge of each battery, the selected mode of operation, power, puff timer, atomizer resistance and supply voltage.


Up to 100 watts, adjustment takes place at 0.1 watts, and after 100 – one at a time. 
To change the operating mode, you must press the Fire button three times and switch using the plus and minus buttons. 
Varivatt, bypass, nickel, titanium, stainless steel and TCR temperature control modes are available to us. To adjust the power in thermal control mode, you must hold down the Fire and minus buttons until the power value blinks. 
By pressing and holding all three buttons, you can lock the resistance value. 
If you hold down the plus and minus buttons, you can block them, while the Fire button will continue to work.


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Review Mechman Mesh Tank

Above is a rubber 810 drip tip in two origins. Therefore, to replace it will have to look for just such. Above is the familiar refueling system in the form of a cover that slides to the side, which sits quite tightly.


The filling hole is quite wide, so there are no problems with many bottles. There is also a silicone spacer around the hole to protect against depressurization.



When disassembling the atomizer, the glass is held between the base and the lid with the air using a replaceable evaporator. If anything happens to the glass, there is a spare in the kit. Initially, an evaporator is installed in the tank on the network, with a resistance of 0.25 Ohms for 40-60 watts.

The blow hole is quite wide. The 0.2 Ohm evaporator, which is additionally included, is equipped with two grid spirals for operation from 50 to 80 watts.


The airflow holes are slightly smaller, but are generally comparable with the first option. At the base is a ring for adjusting the airflow and two air intake openings. The pin is gilded, it sticks out not well enough, therefore the atomizer is not recommended for use on mechanical mods with a hybrid connector.

When using an evaporator on a grid with a power of 65 watts on a fully open airflow, a good amount of steam is obtained.

The puff is quite pleasant and the taste is also good for this type of evaporator.

On an evaporator with one network at 65 watts, it feels that there is a lot of air for such a winding, but the taste is quite acceptable.

If you block the blowing by half and reduce the power to 50 watts, the situation becomes a little better. But because of the giant vent hole in the evaporator, there’s still a lot of air for my taste.


Usage Reviews

Mechman 228W mod as a whole turned out to be quite convenient to use. The weight feels good in the hand, the Fire button is comfortable and pleasant to use. Functionality can be called familiar and familiar. A complete atomizer does not stand out especially, while it is quite suitable for use for the first time. Perhaps someone will be unhappy with the lack of information on the number of puffs or adjusting the preheating of the spirals. But for me personally, the functional board was enough for unpretentious use for every day.

Cons and pros


– On some copies there is a backlash of the battery cover,

– Condensation leaks slightly under the cover,

– Under the bright sun, the screen is almost invisible, the backlight is rather dim,

– Due to the design of the lower part, the mod sways slightly with vertical setting,


– The possibility of customization thanks to a removable door,

– Easy-to-use board with familiar board modes,

– An interesting design that stands out from the crowd

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